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Now available in both Paperback and eBook:

My latest book! Stock Market Investing for Minority Teens & Friends. Published January 2020. Check it out! Link to Book at Amazon. 

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Do you have teen who lacks motivation?  How about a teen who blames YOU or others for his/her failures?  A teen who focuses way too much on friendships and drama at school?  A teen who believes he/she isn't intelligent?  A teen who worships good grades instead of effort?  Or simply a teen who could use guidance about the future?  This is the book for you and your teen.  Please review the book's description at Amazon for more detail.

eBook: The Ultimate Teacher's Guide to Supplemental Income

Don't let the circumstances of your employment dictate your financial future!  You have the power to supplement your salary beyond what's offered by your school or district.

What if you had a manual full of the best 21st century ideas for generating supplemental income? Better yet, what if these ideas were specifically tailored to match your interests and skills? 

That’s what this Ultimate Teacher’s Guide to Supplemental Income is all about, inspiring you to stop being victims of society’s financial expectations of educators. 

There is no better time than today to join every other professional and worker in taking advantage of the online platforms available for side-hustling, some that are actually designed to help teachers economically. Leaving retirement to a state’s pension system is a recipe for disaster, with no guarantee that the money these state governments hand over to private equity to manage of being around in the future. 

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eBook: Common Core Money: Financial Literacy for Educators & Other Professionals

Are you afraid of not having enough savings for retirement?  Are you in the education industry or are a professional who is simply too busy to figure out what key areas of financial literacy you should be mastering to ensure a fully funded retirement?

What if you had a friend on the inside, an educator that could share with you exactly what you needed to know about retirement planning using both story telling and personal experience?  Most importantly, what if the information being shared was applicable and specific to a professional like you?

Testimonials from Amazon.com:

By Chris on February 8, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Financial literacy is a key life skill. Mr. Gomez does a great job highlighting this, and through out the book, underscores the fact that as educators, we need to have a greater understanding of money and its time value. The author shows that when we are equipped with this knowledge, the outcome is the adoption of appropriate tax and retirement planning strategies. The author also offers solid information on real-estate investing and securities, as well as how to effectively interact with financial service providers.

In summary, Mr. Gomez concludes that only when we strive to achieve these goals as educators, can we build financial capability in all of our youth, as well as offer a more planned and coordinated approach to financial literacy across the school's curriculum.

Well done. Bravo!

By Nancy L Choi on July 27, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Common Core Money is GREAT!! It's a quick read with a lot of useful information for anyone trying to better their financial situation. The book is well organized and written to easily understand concepts that not only affect educators but other professionals as well. I am an accountant so my financial literacy may be considered above average but I still found the book to be informative. I will likely be using some of the ideas that I learned from this book. As Mr. Gomez states, I will be asking myself this question. "How can I grow my wealth today?"

This eBook is available to you for free when you subscribe to this blog.  4.6 Out of 5 Stars.   

eBook: Do I Want to Be Rich or Wealthy? The only money personality self-discovery quiz around!

Do you often wonder why the financial articles you read online sometimes don't resonate with you?  Do you have a problem consolidating a money or personal finance philosophy you can live by?  What if you could take a short 15 question money personality self-discovery quiz and find out once and for all whether you wanted to one day be Rich or one day be Wealthy?  Yes, there is a difference.  This nebulous zone between becoming rich or wealthy is what confuses most people about money.  But you no longer have to be confused!  With a clear metaphor for the difference between wanting to become Rich or Wealthy, you will gain the insight you have always needed about you.  You can't become either not knowing who YOU are.  So subscribe to CCM blog so I can send you the following eBook to you absolutely FREE!

eBook: The English Only Teacher's Script for Calling Spanish Speaking Parents.  

Are you tired of asking a Spanish speaking peer at your school to help you with a call because you don't speak a lick of Spanish?  Are your students emboldened to misbehave knowing you won't call home because one, you don't speak their parent's language, and two, they'll answer and translate whatever they want to their parents?  Do you wish you could call a Spanish speaking parent/guardian and tell them something positive about their student, as a way to reinforce great effort and behavior, but can't for lack of knowing the language?

What if you had a script that could guide you from start to finish so that you could have an actual conversation in Spanish, even not knowing how to speak it, with your students' guardians?  Such a script exists!  I developed out of necessity for the teachers at the school where I served as an assistant principal.  It has been shared with teachers for over seven years and fine tuned to cover pretty much everything you have to talk to a parent about.  I want to share it with you now.  It will be absolutely free to you when you subscribe to this blog!

Other Products by C. Osvaldo Gomez…for lovers of Fiction and Poetry:

eBook: Immigrant Me & Other Short Stories.  A 2012 Finalist in the Grace Notes Publishing: Discovering the Undiscovered fiction book contest.  4.8 Out of 5 Stars.

Or you can get a paperback version of the book here:
Paperback version

eBook: The Scars Have Names. A compilation of 50 of my best (some published) poems.
Click to open expanded view

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