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My latest book! Stock Market Investing for Minority Teens & Friends. Published January 2020. Check it out! Link to Book at Amazon.  Learn how to invest in stocks.  It's not just for teens!  Many beginners have commented how much they learned about this wealth building vehicle from reading my book.  Click the link and read the reviews!


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Do you have teen who lacks motivation?  How about a teen who blames YOU or others for his/her failures?  A teen who focuses way too much on friendships and drama at school?  A teen who believes he/she isn't intelligent?  A teen who worships good grades instead of effort?  Or simply a teen who could use guidance about the future?  This is the book for you and your teen.  Please review the book's description at Amazon for more detail.

eBook: Common Core Money: Financial Literacy for Educators & Other Professionals

Are you afraid of not having enough savings for retirement?  Are you in the education industry or are a professional who is simply too busy to figure out what key areas of financial literacy you should be mastering to ensure a fully funded retirement?

What if you had a friend on the inside, an educator that could share with you exactly what you needed to know about retirement planning using both story telling and personal experience?  Most importantly, what if the information being shared was applicable and specific to a professional like you?  

Other Products by C. Osvaldo Gomez…for lovers of Fiction and Poetry:

eBook: Immigrant Me & Other Short Stories.  A 2012 Finalist in the Grace Notes Publishing: Discovering the Undiscovered fiction book contest.

Or you can get a paperback version of the book here: Paperback version

eBook: The Scars Have Names. A compilation of 50 of my best (some published) poems.