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Great entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders understand that their success is intricately linked with the success of those they work with.  Everyone has unique experiences and know-how, as well as perspectives others may not have yet considered.

This is why I'm teaming up!  In order to bring readers the best investing and financial information online, experts from various fields will be asked to be a guest author or "guest blogger."  I also welcome other bloggers, writers, etc., to submit a guest author request and topic proposal to me.  Provided your article is about money in some way, getting it approved should be no problem.

Free: If you're only linking to your blog or website.
Paid Post: If you are linking to advertisers. 

Email me: info@cosvaldogomez.com

It is with great honor and consideration (for their time) that I welcome, and thank the individuals listed on this page.

Stocks, Stock Market Investing

1) Philip Fanara.  From Amazon: "Philip Fanara is an author, contributor to TheStreet, and Certified Internal Auditor with a career broadly spanning over multiple business areas. He is an avid data miner, possessing over 10 years of investment experience, an M.B.A. from Louisiana State University, and is certified in Risk Management Assurance..."  Link to his book on Amazon.   Here is the link to his guest post: Steal from the Poor, Give to the Rich  

2) Clifford Wright.  Cliff holds a Master of Arts in Global Interactions, a Master of Business Administration and a Masters in Research.  He has extensive experience as a licensed securities trader, stock broker and financial planner.  His research interest includes stock market development, emerging nations, and growth economics.  He currently teaches Math at a Junior College in the US.  Direct Link to his post: An-introduction-to-stocks-trading...

Financial Literacy Education

1) Somya Munjal.   CEO and Founder at Youthful Savings.  She's also the Managing Partner and Founder for, CPA for the People, LLP.  Somya sits on the board for Bitcoin India.  She's been an analyst for Bachrach Asset Management and is also a freelance writer.  Direct link to her guest post: Youthful Savings: Empowering the next Generation.

2) Rick Kahler.  CFP and President of Kahler Financial Group at Kahler Financial.  Named by BusinessWeek in 2009 as one of the top 15most experienced planners in the nation.  His firm specializes in the integration of financial coaching, counseling, and planning.  He's the author of several books including his latest, Conscious Finance.  Direct Link to his guest post: Why You Need An Emotional Adjustment Before Making Lasting Financial Change.

Business Start-up

1) C. Osvaldo Gomez.  A post to chronicle the creation of CCM blog.  Direct Link: From Book to Blog to Customer: My Business Story.  A post to chronicle the creation of CCM.com the company.  Direct Link: Building an Online Business…

2. Dan Graboi.  CEO and Founder at Makerthreads.com.  With his son, Dan created an innovative edutech product called, SCIO (Ski-O).  Read his contribution at: Makerthreads Want to Teach You to Code and More.

Self-Directed IRAs

1) Eric N. Golub.  Serves as Customer Service Rep with SF Bay Area based IRA Services Trust Co. Iraservices.com.  He's a Certified IRA Services Professional, and has been as a securities representative with Charles Schwab and Franklin Templeton.  Direct Link: IRA Services Trust Company: Eric's in the House.

Real Estate Flipping

1) Wes Smith.  Real estate investor and Founder of Three Monkey Games.  Creator of several card games at Gamevesting.com including the popular board game, Homevesting, a game that teaches prospective real estate investors how to rescue, rehab, and resell properties.  Direct Link to post: Wes Smith Makes Real Estate Investing Fun…

401k Services

1) Kevin Conard.  Kevin is Co-Founder of Blooom.  Along with fellow blooom Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Costello, Kevin created, built, and managed a traditional investment firm holding over 550 million in assets.  He has been an entrepreneur now for over 20 years.  Direct Link to his post: Blooom-co-founder-kevin-conard-one-of…

2) Chris Costello.  Chris is CEO and Co-Founder of Blooom.  Direct Link to his post: Which-401k-investor-are-you-by-chris...

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