Branding/Advertising Opportunities!

Are you looking for opportunities to promote your brand?  Lots of possibilities...

Guest Bloggers:

I welcome other bloggers (you have a blog) to submit a guest blogger request and topic proposal to me.  Provided your article is about personal finance, entrepreneurship, success principles, or money, getting it approved should not be a problem.

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It's free!  I allow two dofollow links to your blog or personal website, and two reference links if needed.  No affiliate links!  The only thing I ask is that you help me, help you by sharing on your social media platforms when the post goes live.  And that you return the favor if I should request to guest blog at your site!  

Sponsored Post:

Want to sponsor a post?  Please contact me if you are a marketing agency and want to place one of your client's post at my site.  I consider these all the time and often approve them.  Competitive rates that won't break your client's budget!

*No need to say the post is sponsored!
*Up to two dofollow links per sponsored post

Here is an example of a sponsored post:
Car Title Loans In San Antonio And Texas

Link Placement?

I also accept dofollow link placement requests.  You tell me where they would fit best (cite or link the blog post on your email request) and I'll tell you if it's a go.  You can write a short blurb where you can embed the link and suggest where in the article it would go best. 

Contact me for terms and fees.


Thanks!  Carlos