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Guest Authors & Sponsors

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Great entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders understand that their success is intricately linked with the success of those they work with.  Everyone has unique experiences and know-how, as well as perspectives others may not have yet considered.

This is why I'm teaming up!  In order to bring readers the best investing and financial information online, experts from various fields will be asked to be a guest author or "guest blogger."  I also welcome other bloggers, writers, etc., to submit a guest author request and topic proposal to me.  Provided your article is about money in some way, getting it approved should be no problem.

Free when linking only to your blog, website, and a reference if needed. No affiliate links!  I will edit this out of your post.

Want to sponsor a post?  Contact me for terms and fees.  Here is a sample sponsored post:

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Email me: info@cosvaldogomez.com or calilimexica@gmail.com

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