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1. Bold in America: How to Create Financial Opportunities  (C. Osvaldo Gomez's personal strategy for financial success explained)

Bold In America: How to create financial opportunities: Introducing the Generalist Opportunist 2/3/15

On the Importance of being a Specialist Opportunist 2/18/15

Generalist Opportunist Case Study One: San Diego Union Tribune 3/16/15

Generalist Opportunist Case Study 2: Money Magazine  3/23/15

Generalist Opportunist Case Study 3: Community Investor Magazine 3/31/15

2. Do I Want to Be Rich or Wealthy? (C.Osvaldo Gomez's personal money personality self-discovery theory explained)

How to Tell if You Want to Be Rich or Wealthy  5/29/15

The Best Money Advice You Will Get for Your 20s  5/31/15

Best Advice You Can Get for Your 20s If You Want to Be Rich  6/2/15

Best Advice You Can Get for Your 20s If You want to be Wealthy 6/4/15

Why Becoming Wealthy is More Difficult Today than Becoming Rich 7/13/15

3. Launching A Business  (Chronicles how C. Osvaldo Gomez went from writing an eBook to Founder of a company: Common Core Money, LLC)

When Blogging gets Real: How Your Blog Can Pay  9/8/14

From Book to Blog to Customer: My Business Story 10/13/14

One San Diego Co ARCC Office Dear to My Heart 10/22/14

Building An Online Business: My Blindfolded Steps… 11/5/14

5 Reasons Why Your Private Company Needs A Brand Ambassador 1/23/15

On Creating Your Personal Brand 2/16/15

Social Media Marketing Helps Your Business 2/23/15 The Deal at Glance 2/27/15

Starting An Online Business Part 3: Forming An LLC 3/4/15

Use Infographics to Spread Your Personal or Business Brand Gospel or Else! 6/6/15

4. Side-Hustles (Making money doing things besides your "job.")

The Life of Network Marketer Part 1 7/25/14

The Life of Network Marketer Part 2 8/5/14

When Blogging Gets Real How Your Blog Can Pay 9/8/14

Freelance at Elance: My First Elance Job is a Success: How you too 1/19/15 Side-hustle Review 2/20/15

The Problem with the Side-Hustle 4/1/15

Best Business and Investing Sites that Give the Most to Subscribers  5/23/15

5. Real Estate (All matters concerning Real Estate)

Negotiating Is Not An Art Form or Hidden Talent 3/20/14

Qualifying for A Home Loan for A Rental 3/22/14

Real Estate Metrics 101 4/5/14

Appraisals Matter 4/22/14

Why Now Is the Best Time to be A Landlord or the Next Best thing 7/1/14

Future Looks Bright for Commercial Real Estate 8/7/14

Who Let the REIT Out 10/7/14

Will Rising Rates Kill Real Estate Funds? 10/10/14

The S & P Finally Gives Real Estate Its Own Home 10/26/14

Real Estate Appraisals An Update On The Practice 12/7/14

Birddogbot To The Rescue for Real Estate Investors 1/3/15

Is Landlord Insurance Worth It? 1/11/15

The RE Board Game That Changed My Life 2/14/15

How To Get More Of Your Security Deposit Back 3/2/15

Would You Drop Out of College To Be A Real Estate Investor? 3/16/15

Kick-Ass Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent before...You're Hired! 4/3/15

6. Stock Market (All Matters Concerning Stocks, the Stock Market, etc.)

My Best & Worst Trades of 2013 3/23/14

Big Bet On Ford (F) Stock 6/6/14

The Premise for Ford Holds True 8/13/14

Should You Have Switched to An Index Fund This Year: Why You're A Cow 8/21/14

Stock Analysis 101 9/13/14

Yahoo Is A Treasure Chest And A Buy 9/20/14

Steal From The Poor, Give To The Rich 9/27/14

Yahoo and Ford: Two Stocks Delivering 11/16/14

$500 Investing Suggestions Better Than The Motley Fool's 12/10/14

The Pitcher, The Batter, and The Stock Market 12/19/14

My Worst Trades of 2014 & Their 4 Key Lessons 12/26/14

Total Stock Market Index Funds: Neither Safe, Nor Quality Investments 1/1/15

Will Equities Recover From Monday's Sell-Off? 1/6/15

Ford Shows Off Today At NAIAS 1/12/15

7 Contrarian Stock Picks for The Long-term Investor 1/18/15

Stock Market Bubble Or Not 2/22/15

Invest In The Stock Market in 5 Simple Steps 4/10/15

Target Date Investors, Lazy but Smart 4/13/15

7. Advice & Tips for Millennials, College & High School Students, And Parents

Napolean Dynamite Was Right 8/31/14

5 Warning Signs That Your College Going Teenager Is Financially Illiterate 11/2/14

How To Get Your Child Paid From A Public School Education 11/7/14

What Do Baby Boomers & Millennials Have In Common? 12/1/14

Is Teaching Financial Self-Reliance A Lost Parental Art? 1/27/15

Use Your First Job Out of College to Create Future Opportunities 1/29/15

The Best Way to Teach Your Child About Money, More Math? 2/1/15

Would You Dump Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Having Bad Credit? 2/7/15

Help! My Teen Just Told Me They Don't Like School 2/21/15

Would You Drop Out of College to Be A Real Estate Investor? 3/6/15

New Toys or Money for College? 3/18/15

Make Your Teen File Taxes! 3/29/15

Prom or Money for College? 4/5/15

Don't Pass up Next Year's Free School Lunch Application 4/7/15

What Poor People Drink, An Inspirational Creative Story of Rising from Poverty 4/24/15

25 Highest Paying Jobs Most in Demand Now, with Education Factored 5/21/15

Should a Former Student Buy His First Home in the Bay Area? 6/26/15

3 Survival Skills You Need to Pay for Your Children to Learn  7/9/15

How to Save Money on SAT/ACT Test Prep 7/30/15

Back to school Mistake, Spending Too Much on Your Teen's Backpack 8/5/15

Should I Finance College with An Income Share Agreement? 8/13/15

7 Ways to Avoid Raising Entitled Children 8/19/15

How to Beat The Average Cost of Raising A Child 9/23/15

7 Financial Lessons to Master by the time you're 30 9/29/15

8. Latinos and Money (Matters of money involving Latinos)

El Ahorro y la Inversion: Si se Puede 4/2/14

Lección de Educación Financiera 1: Establecer Metas Financieras 4/7/14

Lección 2: Las estrategias para reducir la deuda 4/17/14

Lección número tres: El presupuesto familiar 4/25/14

Why Don't Mexicans Invest? 4 Hidden Truths for Businesses Courting Latinos 12/5/14

6 Inexpensive Latino Lover Valentine Ideas For Men 2/13/15

Gringos Worry Like Crazy About Retirement 3/8/15

Why Do Mexicans Cash Their Checks Inside the Bank & Other Money Oddities 3/12/15

Quinceañera or Money for College? 3/14/15

Latinos, Stop buying gold jewelry! 4/26/15

Why Minorities Need to Stop Pimpin' Their Rides 7/15/15

9. Financial Advice or Commentary Specifically for Educators

Retirement Planning Self-Assessment for Educators 7/5/14

Retired Teacher With Money Regrets 9/29/14

Educators & The College Loan Debt Crisis 10/24/14

7 Financial Mistakes Teachers Make Over Their Careers 11/14/14

Returning to Teaching, But what about my finances? 5/2/15

Top 10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Supplement Their Incomes 6/8/15

Write Your Own Ticket With This Career 9/27/15

10. Financial Literacy & Economic/Finance Concepts

An Inflation Metaphor 5/14/14

Investing Risk & Risk Tolerance 5/15/14

What is Compounding & Why Should I Know About It? 5/22/14

Q.E., the Fed, & How You Were Screwed 5/29/14

Paralysis by Analysis 6/2/14

Investing in Your Financial Literacy: Notes from An REI Meeting 7/16/14

A ROTH IRA Story With A Lesson 7/30/14

Got Purchasing Power? 8/10/14

Taxes: Your American Right to Lower 8/17/14

Uprising Over the Income/Wealth Gap? Not While We Have Football! 9/17/14

Retirement Accounts for The Visual Learner 10/27/14

Will Deflation Decide Europe's Economic Future? 12/3/14

My Most Memorable Moment of 2014 & Investor Psychology 12/28/14

The Worst Case Scenario for Bonds 12/31/14

Raise Money Using 11 Poor Man Strategies 1/4/15

Is the U.S. a Safe Haven for Investors? 1/7/15

6 Reasons Not to Expect A Raise in 2015 1/16/15

4 Tips to Stop Your Partner from Going Crazy at the Supermarket 1/24/15

Don't Count on the Government to Bring You Back to Prosperity 1/28/15

What's the Sexiest Financial Habit? 2/5/15

Master the Code or Become Its Slave 2/10/15

4 Reasons Why I Don't Cancel My Gym Membership 2/25/15

Do You Have A Spending Plan For Your Tax Refund? 3/1/15

Dentistry is a Racket! 3/26/15

A Ritzy Wedding or the Courthouse? 4/8/15

A Certificate of Deposit with A Rate Raise Option 4/12/15

This Is Why You're Not Making Big Money 4/19/15

Can Being frugal be Hazardous to Your Health? 5/4/15

Running Out of Money is Not America's Biggest Retirement Fear 5/6/15

Budgeting Tip, Keep These Out of Your Grocery Subcategory 5/8/15

Termites, Speeding Ticket, Broken TV and the Wealth Abundance Attitude 5/14/15

I'll Make You Frugal Without A Budget 5/16/15

22 Money Secrets Your Millionaire Neighbor Won't Tell You 5/25/15

How to Fire Your Financial Advisor, A Long-time Friend 6/12/15

Returning to a Lower Pay Grade Like a Boss 6/14/15

Should Married Couples Have Separate Checking Accounts? 6/24/15

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Won't Get To An Early Retirement 6/28/15

Why You Need to Include Each of These Dates in Your Monthly Budget  7/5/15

Are Pets A Waste of Hard Earned Money?  7/7/15

Saving Water & Money with Drip Irrigation Around Your Home 7/11/15

Save Money Lighting Your Home 7/18/15

Keeping A "Side Chick" Is Both Wrong & Expensive 7/20/15

Make Back to School Shopping A Financial Literacy Opportunity 7/22/15

Make Your Kid's Allowance A Financial Literacy Opportunity 7/24/15

7 Ways to Save on Your Water Bill 8/17/15

11. Pensions and Pension Systems: Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution

What do you do with your retirement mailings?--A CalSTRS expose 6/16/15

How the Devil is on the Loose in State Teacher Pension Systems Nationwide 6/19/15

Eliopoulos Versus Ailman: Two Investment Philosophies with Enormous Implications for Californians 6/22/15

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