Sunday, August 28, 2022

Tribel Social: A Promising Alternative To Facebook

I have a Black-American friend on Facebook who loves to make his followers laugh every Friday. He takes pride in curating some of the funniest non-political, street (urban) based memes he can find, and blasting them out all day on "Meme Friday." It's a tradition I look forward to. Just one problem, it usually results in his being put in Facebook jail. Some of the memes he posts are taken way too seriously by sensitive types who report him to Zuckerberg's police.

You might think it's imperative social media sites have rules, and that offensive posts don't belong in a shared ecosystem. That it's important for things like misinformation to be censored. We've seen Facebook now involved in two campaigns to either allow the promotion of misinformation (Russian election interference) or suppress information (Hunter Biden's laptop). I think no matter where you fall in the political spectrum, we can agree Facebook needs to do a whole lot better. 

What if there was a space where you could post pretty much anything you wanted, at your own risk, of course, but not be in danger of starting the next QAnon conspiracy theory or a trending piece of fake news? It's possible at Tribel Social Network, one of the fastest growing social media companies out there today. Unlike Facebook, Tribel won't stop you from spewing bigotry, hate, or fake news. Go right ahead. However, Tribel has mechanisms in place to keep it from spreading. For a nasty post, you might get nothing back but crickets chirping. For a friendly, informative, helpful, etc., post you might end up being ranked as a major contributor in one of the many Tribel social/culture categories users have to help them personalize their feed. In a way, Tribel is like Reddit.

Upon joining Tribel, you will be informed by the initial messages you get, to only hit "like" if you truly love what someone posted. "Likes" are like currency you give away. The algorithm places the most liked posts into "Trending" mode. This is the default way to experience the network and all of its popular contributors. Then there's the "Breaking" mode. If you like scrolling through the most recent posts in the categories you set as your filters, then this is the mode for you. Like Facebook, you get feed options. 

Say you don't want to see posts from anyone you don't trust or know for that matter. Then choose the "Following Feed" or the "Friends Feed." 

What if you're a content creator? Does Tribel Social have all the free features you get at Facebook? Of course! I actually posted text and a link to my latest book on Tribel without a hitch. It was just like I would at Twitter or Facebook. I've yet to post a video but doing so is the same as adding a photo. Same button! Right now you're not able to do a live video on Tribel. Maybe this is a functionality to be added in the future? As of now, you can't buy ads.

In talking with Tribel's CEO, Omar Rivero, the company isn't interested at the moment in monetizing the platform. Mr. Rivero stated he is prioritizing the creation of a fantastic product. User experience matters most to him. Despite drawing users initially and heavily from his Democratic (liberal) Twitter base, Mr. Rivero wants Tribel Social to be a space for everyone (Book lovers, Entrepreneurs, Sports fans, Fashion enthusiasts, etc., NO MATTER their political affiliation). 

Facebook is a busy place. It feels like you're on TikTok, Instagram, OfferUp, and YouTube all at once! Many will appreciate the elegance and simplicity of Tribel Social. I certainly do! 

For more information: Tribel's Page on FB

Tribel is available for download on the App Store.

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST (in case you're wondering)

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