Thursday, July 22, 2021

Blacks, Mexicans, Blaxicans, AfroMexicans AND Racism

What's up everyone! I'm posting to let everyone know that I just published my latest book.  It's about an often taboo topic among minorities: racism between Blacks and Mexicans, how it affects everyone involved, including AfroMexicans and Blaxicans.

My book is a young adult fiction novel, titled, Like Adding Pepper to Beans. The title comes from a scene in the book, where the older brother of one of the protagonists (Benjamin) is explaining why he doesn't like morenos (Blacks). He says to his sister, Brenda, that the two peoples (Mexicans and Blacks) don't go well together, like adding pepper to beans (pinto), it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Brenda's comeback is clever. She says, that the taste adds new flavor to life.  Brenda likes a Black boy at school, the main character: Kalvin King. Kalvin transfers to the fictitious, Lincoln High School, located in South Central Los Angeles. Kalvin feels somewhat shocked to be on the receiving end of "mean-mugs" or intimidating stare downs, sent to him like flying eye daggers by the Mexican homies at the school.

Kalvin befriends a Blaxican boy who helps him understand the tensions. They learn about the conflicts and how they date back to the day of the Spanish conquistadores after they brought slaves to Mexico, creating a racial caste system.  Anyways, it's a funny, shocking, and entertaining story. Please consider buying and reviewing it.  The cover is awesome! Check it out:

 Want to read more? Check out the book description at Amazon or Look Inside feature.  Link to the Book.  Thanks for your support!!