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The Best Identity Theft Protection For Families

There are three major players in the identity theft protection industry, Lifelock, Experian, and Aura Identity Guard.  Obviously, each of these three companies have their own unique proprietary software for keeping people's identity safe from despicable online credit card fraudsters and identity thieves.  They're worse than rats, I tell ya!  Remember the breach at Equifax back in 2017?  Man, I totally freaked out and took action to immediately freeze my credit.  I also gladly accepted Equifax's free identity theft protection.  You damn right I took it!

How To Get Your Life Back On Track After Identity Theft  

My Research

After doing a bunch of research, I've come to find that Aura Identity Guard is the best for families.  But before we get into AIG (Wait...that's an insurer with a not so great reputation...let's not use these initials--how about, IG instead?--Yeah, that works)--I wanted to put this question out there:  Is Identity Theft Protection Worth It? has a great summary of who should consider getting an identity theft service.  As someone who froze their credit for some time, I can tell you it sucked.  I had forgotten that I'd done this and when it came time to apply for a mortgage on a rental property, I had to go through the process of undoing all my handy dandy protective work.  As a Wells Fargo customer, I get a new credit score update every month or so via an email update.  Wells Fargo isn't doing too well right now, but at least they can get this right!  Anyway, that's how I monitor my credit.  Are you monitoring your credit?  So there's definitely a reason to go the extra mile for yourself in the space of personal data protection, especially if you've already been victimized!  Now back to IG.

From the reviews on Lifelock, I've gathered that it is best for high-income earners.  It has a separate coverage plan for lawyers and "experts," real-time alerts, and 24/7 live customer support.'s review explains that Lifelock's cons are that it is a bit expensive AND they don't offer a family plan option.  They have three plans: Standard ($9.99/mo.), Advantage ($19.99/mo.), and Ultimate Plus ($29.99/mo.).  But these fares are only good for the first year!  Moreover, if you're married, your spouse has to purchase a separate package.  Boo!  And you gotta shell out another $5.99/month for each kid too.  Son of a...

Experian meanwhile has two basic plans: Identity Works Plus ($9.99/month) and Identity Works Premium ($19.99/month).  It's considered one of the most affordable options online.  Experian also does have a family plan ($19.99/mo.).  Great, right?  Not so fast!  In looking at the Experian reviews, many customers mentioned the long wait times when calling customer support.  If you don't have much money in your budget to spare, but need the service, Experian might be your best option.  At U.S., Experian got a 3.3 out of 5 stars.  No bueno.

Is Identity Guard Legit? | 2020 Reviews
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Now, Aura Identity Guard stands in between the pricey, Lifelock, and the budget friendly, Experian.  What's cool about IG is that they have partnered with IBM and have Watson (the artificial intelligence that creamed a whole bunch of Jeopardy contestants) looking out for you. gives IG the nod for having the most powerful, comprehensive identity theft protection.  IG has three plans: Value ($7.50/mo.), Total ($16.67/mo.), and Premier ($20.83/mo.).  The family plan is a not too shabby, $27.99/mo.

Your Family's Best Bet

Look, identity theft protection is all about peace of mind, right?  I mean, people want to know that someone, a reliable and effective company, has got their back!  But at the same time, we don't want to pay an arm and a leg for something we need.  That's why I believe Aura's Identity Guard is the best bet for individuals and families.  They have great plans and customer satisfaction.  If you're in need of identity theft and credit protection, get Aura's Identity Guard.

Since Homie G (that's my alternate persona) keeps it real, I'm gonna let you know that there are affiliate links to IG in this post.  But that doesn't mean I don't think IG is the best service for consumers!  My research is legit and so is what I think of the company.  So if you're a fan of my work, and do need identity and credit protection, do me a solid and click to IG via these here links!  I have the worst luck when it comes to using affiliate links so it would be awesome if I got my first referral.  Gracias! 

5/28/2020 Post script.  I wanted to also direct you to another great article on identity theft protection written by Ruben Ramos over at Money magazine.  Good luck!

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