Monday, April 6, 2020

Small Business Survival: Why Now Is The Best Time To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

The Coronavirus pandemic, small business stimulus package, has had a hard time rolling out.  I can't imagine how horrible the wait must be right now for the many small business owners out there who are depending on this funding to stay afloat.  I sincerely hope that the application process is streamlined and that many SB owners with less than 500 employees qualify for loans.  Local economies depend on these small businesses since they employ tens or obviously, hundreds of people!

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SB owners will earmark whatever loan monies they get to cover their payrolls, and other Cap Ex (capital expenditures).  If you're a SB owner, don't forget to allocate some of your funding to improving your online market presence.  If this pandemic has shown us anything, it's that companies who had been transitioning to or dominating online commerce, are fairing much better than those that didn't work to improve their digital sales platforms, marketing, etc.  Also, keep in mind that there are more people online because they're cooped up at home!  

This is why this may be the perfect time, if you're a SB owner, to invest some of your stimulus capital in digital marketing via a great agency.  Digital marketing agencies provide a whole host of services.  They can for example, work with a client to analyze the look of their website, i.e., website development, how their site is ranking on Google or other search engines, i.e., SEO, and on digital campaigns.  If you're struggling to get visitors to your site(s), if visits aren't converting to sales, if you're not getting enough leads or prospects, your mobile traffic sucks, etc., you may need a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency can also help you develop your brand.  They can help you coalesce everything you've always wanted your business to be, but have had difficulty conveying to the world.  They can help you improve your efficiency and productivity, define your goals and objectives, and learn how to better target your buyers.  Messaging and forming connections with your customers are everything these days!

Some of you SB owners may have already tried to use social media, buying sponsored ads.  If you weren't successful at writing the right script or call-to-action (as evidenced by the lack of sales your ad produced) or if you had a hard time simply defining your target audience, also resulting in few sales, then a digital marketing agency may be your next best bet.  Maybe you chose the wrong platform, a Facebook instead of an Instagram, for example?  A digital marketing agency can analyze your business and determine which online platform is best suited for your business and consumer.  It's hard for a business owner, who has their hands full already, to spend time continually testing strategies.

In sum, digital marketing agencies can help your business boost sales, grow, and increase your ROI (return on investment).  If you're thinking of hiring one, be sure you look at their reviews online.  I can't stress this enough.  As they say, shop around!  They have to be a match for your needs.  Also, make sure they offer a free strategy session.  Most will.  Good luck to all of you in these difficult times!  Keep your heads up my peeps!   

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