Sunday, January 5, 2020

Stock Market Investing for Minority Teens & Friends Book Coming Soon!

I've just finished writing my latest book: Stock Market Investing for Minority Teens & Friends.  My target audience are all low-socioeconomic and underprivileged teens, especially ethnic minorities.  However, the book's other audience includes the allies of my target audience, or basically, any non-ethnic, i.e., white teen who hangs out with my target audience at school, etc.  Basically, any lower or working class teen ages 14-19.

This is the image that will grace the front cover.

If you're wondering why I chose this audience...well, there are zero books on beginning stock market investing that cater to the one audience that really needs a book on this topic!  The wealth/income inequality gap is huge.  I don't need to justify a book like the one I've written.  Clearly, more Americans should be investing in stocks, but especially Americans of color.  If you're upset or think this is some sort of race baiting, get over it! Every other book written on stock market investing is for a white consumer.

If you don't mind references to school, video gaming, the occasional use of the word, "white person," or "white man," and you want to learn about stock market investing, then my book will break down the toughest topics and distill them into pure understanding.  After all, as a teacher, I'm accustomed to helping students learn incredibly complicated science content, e.g., Newton's Laws and Einstein's general relativity.  So I can definitely help a beginner make sense of stocks!

The book is currently being reviewed by some critical friends of mine.  After I get back their editing tips, etc., I will fine tune the document and publish the book at Amazon.  It will be between 95 to 100 pages total.  Every chapter will have section exercises so that you can practice the skills of stock evaluation.

If you're a parent or guardian of a teen, and you know nothing about the market, please, please, look out for this book.  You have absolutely no idea how much of a disservice it is to teens of color to lack even the basics about stock market investing.  Let me tell you that you may as well as be setting up your child for financial failure if they never learn to invest in stocks.  So be on alert!  Peace.  

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