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How to Create Privacy in Your Yard and Woo Buyers

Hello everyone!  Today I have an excellent guest post about an issue that is seldom talked about when considering a home sale.  As homeowners, we worry about staging the inside of the house just right, making it immaculate in its appearance for all would-be buyers.  But what about the backyard?  Aside from landscaping it prior to an Open House, how else can you improve it, and increase your odds of a faster sale?  Read on and find out!

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Privacy is what transforms your home into a sanctuary, and adds value to your property. If you're thinking about moving, a $20,000 investment in landscaping your yard can add as much as $200,000 to your home's value.

It might be that you want to screen your yard from your neighbor's view, add "curb appeal," or simply drown out noise from a busy nearby street. Beyond just using an electric lawn mower to maintain your property, landscaping gives homeowners a variety of options to create secluded yard spaces that offer privacy and refuge from the outside world while adding to the overall value of the property.

Consider Your Outdoor Space

Upgrading your garden to bring privacy to your home can add 10-15% to its value. Additionally, some trees and shrubs will actually increase in value as they grow.

Often, details such as the proximity of your neighbor's patio to your own are overlooked by home builders and planners. But, as the saying goes, "Good fences make good neighbors." Both fences and plantings can be used to create a secluded yard that offers privacy, a connection with the natural world, and appeals to buyers.

Smaller yards benefit from a well-planned patio or deck. These add significant value and give potential buyers the highest "joy scores" according to HouseLogic's recent consumer survey.

Pergolas over seating areas provide beautiful overhead screening for built-up areas. Water features such as small fountains or self-contained planter waterfalls can also help to mask the sound of neighbors and traffic.

Larger gardens can make use of bigger shrubs and trees, statuary, arbors, fountains, and even fire places. These features should be mixed in with standard wooden fences, lattice work, mixed fencing such as metal topped with lattice, or even stone walls.

There is a wider range of options for larger gardens in terms of fencing and plant selections that allows you to let loose your imagination as long as the end result is organized and professional.

Don't Fence Me In

Don't limit yourself to a standard high wooden fence to create privacy. This can backfire without additional planting and other details, leaving you feeling hemmed in rather than tucked away. This sensation will turn buyers away from your property.

Hedges are a great alternative to standard fences. They allow for airflow while still creating a wind break and screening your yard from view.

Mixed hedges will produce interest year-round if you combine deciduous and evergreen plants. But, take care to choose plants that have similar growth heights and widths to stop it from looking chaotic and turning buyers away. Another advantage to mixed planting is that it provides better protection against pests.

Lattice work and arbors can give your garden added interest, especially when combined with climbing vines or tumbling roses. Lattice fencing still allows light in and air to flow as it creates a softer screen between your yard and the outside world.

Tall wooden fences can be softened and used to extend small spaces by adding clamoring vines, edible climbing plants, and vertical gardens. Besides looking stunning, these plants will release beautiful scents that attract wildlife and interested buyers alike.

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Planting for Privacy and Increasing Home Value

Plants can be used to create a secluded area in a corner of your garden, transforming the space into a delightful nook that will indulge all the senses. Well placed planters filled with tumbling blooms or colorful shrubs can give additional privacy in both small and large yards when incorporated around a seating area.

If using planters, make sure you have adequate drainage and remember to feed and water the plants regularly to keep them in top condition. Unkempt plants will reduce buyer attraction, even if you intend to take them with you when you move.

Boundary walls can be enhanced with planter/water feature combos that will add both attractive colors and scents. However, if you choose to move away from hardscaping elements such as walls and fences, consider over-sized grasses such as Pampas or Yakushima Dwarf grasses. Use them on their own or back these grasses with larger, mid-height to tall trees for additional interest.

Bamboo plants and screens give you yet another option to create more privacy and add value to your property. Screening allows light to flood your garden while distorting outside views. If you'd prefer to plant bamboo as a screen around the perimeter of your yard, golden bamboo is a popular variety that grows quickly.

Well-planned landscaping can increase the value of your home and decrease the amount of time you wait for a sale. Avoid a disorganized, open layout that offers little privacy when you're in the yard.

Mature gardens that are well-tended increase a home's value even more. Luckily, there are also shorter-term landscaping options that can enhance any yard space to create a professional look that increases the value of the offers you'll get for your home!

Anita Franco

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