Friday, April 6, 2018

Is It Safe to Buy Used Automotive Parts Online?

What's up everybody!  You know that everyone has turned to online shopping for the best deals, not even bothering to check their local brick and mortar stores sometimes.  Amazon and Ebay are my favorite "stores" to shop at virtually.  When it comes to needing automotive parts, however, I think many people still would rather visit their local Autozone, O'Reilly's, etc.  Unfortunately, these stores only sell brand new items you may need.  So, you're going to be paying top dollar for a part you may not need to be new.

On this blog I've written about my experience shopping for automotive parts on eBay, namely, to have my wife's Nissan Rogue's air conditioning unit completely replaced by my mechanic friend.  I never really considered whether or not shopping for used parts on that site was something "safe" to do.  I just went ahead and did it.  This next guest post explains how to best go about shopping for used automotive parts online.  Enjoy!

We live in a fast paced digital world where having something in an instant is becoming accepted as the norm.  The Internet, which you may be surprised to learn was first created in 1989, is a key part of this.

The Internet provides the opportunity for many to start businesses and contact people across the globe.  Unfortunately, it has also become a place that is rife with scams; people who are eager to take your money without giving you the service or product you wanted.

In fact, it's estimated that 1 in 10 people are now the victim of cyber crime.

This leads us to the issue of used automotive parts.  There is no doubt that it can save you a fortune but is it safe to buy them?

The simple answer is yes, but you need to consider the following factors before you buy.

Do Your Research

There are huge companies online that specialize in used automotive parts.  There are also small dealers which you can learn about here who will offer you an attractive price on used and even new parts.

It's an extremely competitive marketplace.  

Before you select a supplier take a look at their website and check these things:

Time Established

In general the longer a business has been established the safer it is to use them.  Scam sites tend to come and go fairly quickly.

Of course this makes it difficult for genuine new businesses.  This is why you should also consider the following two points:


If you ask around with your friends and look at their websites you should see a list of positive comments.  These might be in the form of testimonials.

Hearing from others that the business offers a good service is reassuring and generally indicates that the service is genuine.


More important is the feedback these businesses get on social sites and even on Amazon.  This is produced by "verified buyers" and provide an honest opinion.

There will always be some negative reviews, after all, no company can keep every single customer happy.  But, provided the majority of reviews are positive you are likely to have found a good supplier.

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Testing the Water

It is also a good idea to call the supplier and assess their response and friendliness.  This is likely to carry through in their service.

If you're ordering an expensive used part it can also be a good idea to order a small part first, to test the water.  You can even test their return policy in the process!

Double Check

You should also ensure that they're supplying the part you want.  Used automotive parts can be different by even just one year of registration.  It's essential they send you the right one.  A good supplier won't mind you verifying this several times.

As a final point it's worth noting that if you're after a particularly rare used part then it may be a better idea to visit the supplier in person.  This will allow you to assess their set-up and legitimacy.

Thanks for reading!