Sunday, December 3, 2017

When Your Wife Brings Home Two Kittens, Don't Kick Her Cat!

A great man once said: "The difference in accomplishment is primarily the difference in the way the negatives of life are handled."  Who was this great man?  Zig Ziglar.  This particular Ziglar quote came from one of his greatest books: See You At The Top.  Have you read this one?  It's one of my all-time favorite success mindset books.

Chapter 14, "Is The 'Right' Attitude Important?" includes a story of trickle down frustration and negativity, starting with a boss who gets a speeding ticket trying to get to a work meeting (he set) on time.  He calls in his sales manager and gives him the riot act for not having finalized a sale.  The sales manager feeling incredibly unappreciated, takes out his anger on his secretary.  The interaction spawns another downward level of negativity, with the secretary going off on the switchboard operator.  The switchboard operator goes home and continues the cycle, ripping her television watching, 12-year-old son, a new one for not putting his clothes away.  The son stomps off feeling like all of life is unfair, sees the cat and gives it a good kick in butt.

 Are you a "cat kicker"?  No, not literally.  I mean, do you transfer your frustrations onto someone or something else when something negative happens to you?  I try very hard to not let negative things alter my overall positive and optimistic mindset.  Case in point: My wife, Jessica, and I worked out our budget for this month in late November.  We had a common goal of spending as little as possible on entertainment, and impulse buys so as to have enough money to get our kids Christmas presents.

My wife's best friend, Kaylee, found four motherless kittens somewhere out in the wilderness that is Valley Center, CA.  Apparently, the mother had been eaten by coyotes.  C'est la vie dans le Californie!  We have an adult cat (Tiska), nearing geriatric status.  Jessica thought it'd be a good idea to let her live her old age with a little pal.  After she worked up our kids on the idea, I agreed to one kitten.  Long story short, in a classic example of "it's better to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission," Jessica brought back from Kaylee's not one, but two kittens.  Meeting her at the front door, all I could see was green, as in dollar bills flying right out the window.  I wasn't happy.

What do you do when your spouse goes off script?

Having an "unexpected and impulse buy expenses" category is a must when you have joint finances.  I'm guilty myself of buying things for my bike (expensive tires, inner tubes, chain lube, gloves, etc.) without having placed these expenses in the budget at the start of the month.  So, it makes sense to just throw in a Benjamin or two into the mix to cover these unexpected/impulse buys.  Tapping into your emergency fund is also another option.  That's why you have an emergency fund!

You may also have to forego a planned purchase.  For example, I was going to buy Jessica a 3 carat diamond necklace for Christmas.  Oh well, she gets to keep three cats at our home instead.  Ha!  On a serious note, postponing a planned purchase is a logical move after an unexpected expense or an impulse buy throws off the plan.  If the unexpected expense is substantial, you may have to raise additional monies to salvage the month.  Yard or garage sales are one way to go.  Getting on Craigslist or Ebay are other ways to move your clutter into someone else's hands for quick cash.

There's always a backstory 

Be mindful that someone's frustration may be because they had their "cat kicked."  In my case, I could've kicked my wife's cat so hard, this is starting to sound sexual in nature, ;) that she may have never let me forget it.  She explained to me, once I let her talk, why she brought two kittens home.

Gus observes, while Lucerfy chows down.  Yeah, Cinderella inspired names.

Kaylee's big dogs accidentally killed two of the kittens, and these were the last two survivors.  If Jessica took only one, the last one's fate would be sealed...death by dog.  I'm not that much of a softie, but when your wife is beautiful and she tells a sad tale, there's not much a man can do.  Cat bed, tray, eating bowls, and food exceeded the $100 mark.  There's still shots, and ongoing feeding to expense in the next monthly budget.  But you know what?  I worked with it.

And that's what you need to do anytime you are faced with a negative outcome, whether it be related to your business, everyday life, or yes, even your marriage.  Especially your marriage you fools! (I'm talking to men here).  As the saying goes, "A happy wife is a happy life."


And I'm out!  Thanks for reading.
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