Monday, November 13, 2017

Would You Use A Sugar Daddy Or Momma To Pay for College?

College debt is so darn terrifying to some young people that they have turned to "Sugaring" to pay for their expenses.  I learned of the term just today while watching a video on MSN Money and reading the accompanying article.  We all know some young people get into relationships with older rich men or women for the money, as opposed to love.  While I knew this was how some college students pay for their expenses at school, I had no idea it was this prevalent.  Some 2.5 million users of identified themselves as students.  That's a substantial number.  There are more Sugar Babies no doubt who are Sugaring offline.   Let's say the true number is closer to 3 million Sugar Babies that are getting through college with the help of a Sugar Daddy or Mommy.

According to, the average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, up 6% from the previous year.  This doesn't include the cost of obtaining a graduate degree.  The temptation to pay for college creatively without shooting the rest of your financial life to pieces with never ending monthly payments is therefore extremely high.  Back in my day, attractive girls turned to stripping to pay for college.  The strategy or some other form of it, being an atmosphere model, e.g., is still around today, but not nearly as lucrative as is Sugaring.  The young lady in the article (Christina) at MSN Money, happens to be a Sugar Baby, cocktail waitress, AND an atmosphere model.  And she's making bank!  Up to $2K to $4K per month according to the video.  All while working on her MBA! that's being productive with your time.

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Question: So is the money you get from a Sugar Daddy or Mommy considered earned income?  A gift?  What?  LOL!

On a serious note, both young men and women are finding it easier to establish Sugaring relationships because of a platform like  And at the other end, wealthy older men and women, some who are married, are finding it easier to access sexual or emotional excitement by paying for the company (or intimacy) of younger adults.  Just because the Internet has facilitated a woman's ability to become a Sugar Baby (most SB are women), it doesn't mean it's an easy job.  Below are some pros and cons of being a female SB.  

Pros of being a female SB (We'll stick with the gender most involved)

1) You make a whole lot more money than from a regular part-time job.
2) You can say "no" to a date, trip, sex, whenever you want, meaning, you "work" when you want to.
3) Other potential benefits such as gaining mentorship or feedback on your future from conversations with older rich men.

Cons of being a SB

1) Negative Stigma.  Only your close friends or other SB will not see you as a "gold-digger."  If you're secure with your femininity (and have plenty of positive self-esteem) this should not be a problem.

2)  Can't tell your parents.  Well, I take that back.  There are some parents who when you tell them you're a SB will simply say, "Be careful."  Most parents will probably say, "Are you out of your freakin' mind?!"

3)  Safety.  Whether you think you're in control or not, never underestimate the power relationship involved in Sugaring.  Men can become clingy, and even possessive.  They will proposition you for sex even if you state clearly all you want is a platonic relationship.  That's just how the XY rolls ladies.

4)  You will not be able to have a healthy, trusting relationship with a man your age while you are Sugaring.  I don't care what type of dude your man says he is, he'll be jealous.  It will eat him up inside to know his lady is out with an older, rich man, even if you say no sex is going on.

5)  Decreased interest in dating for yourself while Sugaring.  Dating (older rich men) has become your job!  Why would you want to do it on your spare time? You'll be emotionally spent.

6)  Feeling fake.  Having to put on the uniform (make-up all the time, being clean, smelling nice always, and dressing the part) will make you feel like you're living a double life.

7)  Getting a mouthful all the time from feminist women.

As a guy, I'm all for attractive girls using their smarts (and looks) to get a Sugar Daddy.  Men have their own societal privileges and they don't hesitate to use them.  So why shouldn't women?  Would I want my daughter doing this?  Heck to the No with a capital N!  I guess I'm trying to say that if a young woman wants to enter into an arrangement with an older rich man, it's their prerogative.  They should however be ready to deal with any and all of the potential negative consequences.

So now comes the big question:

I've done somewhat of a decent job, I think, of informing you all about this.  Knowing what you now know, how would you respond to the above question?  If you don't mind sharing, drop a comment below.  Thanks for reading!  Until next time.

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