Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to Use the Power of Fear to Lead to Money and Success

What's happenin' everyone!  Today I have a post-Halloween day breakdown of how to use fear to make mo' money and have the success you desire.  To fear is to be human, but to let fear control your life and future is a big problem.  One that too many Americans have.  Phobias of all types may be what's holding you back from reaching your full business potential, a promotion at work, or happiness.  I have a fear of clowns.  I shouldn't have watched the It TV miniseries in the 90s as a teen, but I did it anyway because, well...teenagers.  Many of us permanently damaged our sense of security in life by watching scary movies growing up pre-Internet.  Raise your hand if you let Freddy Krueger into your life?  Or Jason?  Maybe you couldn't get enough of Pennywise?

I was scared of clowns thanks to this clown!

Now as an adult you experience fear differently.  You won't damage your sense of security and safety as much by watching a scary movie.  Your brain isn't developing.  Nonetheless, the damage from your younger days is still in there, deep in your mind, and now the regular fears, e.g., fear of failure, talking in front of an audience, being successful, etc., are felt as strongly as being chased by Freddy down a dark alley.  In other words, fear of death.  Not to worry, worrying makes everything worse; I'm here to help.

"Fears are nothing more than states of mind.  One's state of mind is subject to control and direction."--Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

How to Overcome Fear Using Biology

You probably remember from your Biology class in high school that as humans we have a natural reflex called, The Flight or Fight, response when in the presence of mortal danger.  Fear that holds most Americans back from taking business or entrepreneurial risks, completing a personal goal, putting a success plan of action in motion, fueling a desire for wealth, and so on, is given eternal life by your flight response.  Most Americans would rather flee than fight!  What does "flight" look like?

1.  You arrest productive activity.
2.  You create excuses.
3.  You backdown from your competition.
4.  You don't jump at an opportunity.
5.  You give up on a sale or love conquest.

To be clear, most people invoke the flight response because it is easier than the fight response.  The flight response is their default Plan B as in, there is always the ability retreat.  But what if there wasn't?  What if you were trapped?  Your only choice to preserve life and limb would be to FIGHT!  There is nothing more intense than fighting.  As someone who got into four physical combats growing up (I wasn't an angel) I can assure you that your mind in concert with your physiology and muscles is never more committed instinctively to a purpose than during a fight.  Harnessing this power without actually being involved in a must fight scenario is what separates high achievers from average people.

How Can You Harness Your Instinctive Fight Response To Improve Your Life?

You can harness your instinctive fight response via auto-suggestion.  Example: Telling yourself: "I won't back down this time!"  Or, "If the going gets tough, I'll get going!"

Affirmations are very helpful too: "I am very courageous."  Or, "I do what I have to do even if I'm scared."

My favorite suggestion to folks who need help getting over any fear barrier: Pretend your life or the lives of your children (not being able to feed them, e.g.) depend on you taking part in an action you fear.

Are there any dangers to using the fight response when no true threat exists?

You can never truly ramp up your body to the full chemical potential your brain naturally creates during a fight response.  You won't have your muscles twitching at full strength engorging themselves with blood, etc.  You won't have your full heightened senses, and you certainly won't damage any of your organs stepping forward in the face of business fear or a personal challenge.

You will however feel stress at first.  Remember, you've been accustomed to backing down, and avoiding fears or challenges.  You'll feel uncomfortable for some time until you eventually replace fear with nervousness.  Nervousness is easier to deal with and most of the time doesn't keep people from going through with things that scare them.


Use fear, a powerful emotion, constructively.  Instead of allowing the flight response to win, to keep you from reaching your goals, putting a plan to procure riches together, or from taking action, flip the script on it and imagine yourself in a no way out situation.  There is a huge wall behind you and you suck at climbing.  You are in a room with your imaginary foe and the door is locked.  What are you going to do?  Take to the floor in a fetal position?  No!!  You are going to put up your dukes and start swinging.

Thanks for reading!  Until next time.         

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