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11 Best Part-Time Jobs for Extra Retirement Income

Working during retirement may sound like blasphemy to many of you.  Actually, even the thought of being able to retire sounds like something out of a fairy tale these days.  But let's say for the sake of this post, that you are able to retire sometime within the next five years.  And for consideration, let's also say that you don't want to completely hang it all up, and want to have "play" money so that you don't encroach on your savings.  What are some jobs out there that you can get part-time that will provide you with both income and sweet perks?

Tips for Finding a Part-Time Job as a Retiree | FlexJobs

If I can make it to my retirement as a teacher, teaching is one thing I would not want to do part-time.  Next school year I'll be on my 17th year so I still have a ways to go.  I wouldn't want to take on any private tutoring, or substitute teaching gigs.  I think I'd be tired of the industry at that point and wouldn't want to do anything within it.  But that's just me.  Many retired teachers spend a few years after they retire working part-time as substitute teachers to make vacation trip money.  Substitute teaching is one of the several part-time jobs some of you may want to consider doing to earn your very own hobby, traveling, or "play" money.  It only takes a college degree, and passing a very easy test.  There's no lesson planning, and you can aim to become "the cool sub" every kid wants when the teacher is sick.  Substitute teaching gets us underway at number one below, but what else is there?  Keep reading.  (Keep in mind that this is money you don't actually need to earn, rather, you're working just to be out of the house and have some extra spending cash).

1.  Substitute teaching.  Pay is anywhere between $100-115 per school day.

2.  Bicycle shop employee.  At Performance Bicycle, a sales associate can make on average $9.64 an hour.  If you love bikes, this is the retirement part-time job for you.  The perks include getting substantial store discounts on bike components, wheels, frames, tires, etc.  I love to road cycle and the thought of being able to get discounts on items related to this very expensive sport revs me up!

3.  Gym associate.  A "Front Desk Associate" at Gold's Gym makes about $8.53 an hour.  I happen to be a 24-Hour Fitness member and one of the front desk associates at my gym is a retired gentlemen who took the job just to not have to pay any money for a gym membership.  I've actually seen him working out on the floor many times.

4.  Bakery associate/clerk.  Lot's of bakery spots open up in the early morning and close in the afternoon.  You can be part of making sweet delicious treats, selling them, and eating them for free, perhaps.  Pay is anywhere between $8.00-$9.00 an hour.

5.  Movie Theater Ticket Taker.  Again, this is another low-key minimum wage job, but the perks include being able to watch the latest releases for free!  My wife, Jessica, and I, love going to the movies.  We go at least once a month.  If I only have to pay for one ticket (at senior discount in the future) we'd be at the movies a lot more.

6.  Wine Cellar Associate.  You can make between $13-$17 an hour pouring wine for wine lovers at a vineyard or cellar.  Best part is you can get your wine at a nice discount!  Have you noticed how much wine bottles cost above 13.9% alcohol?  Man...anything above 14% is the good stuff, but you have to be willing to drop at least a $20 for a bottle.

7.  Freelance/Consultant.  To me, this is like working full time again because chances are you'll be freelancing or consulting on things you're an expert on from your vast career experience.  But it will pay more than the 6 part-time jobs above.

8.  Retail job during the holidays.  When things get busy, retailers put out ads for extra part-time help.  A place like Whole Foods or Trader Joes would interest me.  You may get a small discount for certain products.

9.  Guest services at your local stadium.  If you live in a big city with a major league baseball, NBA, NFL, or NHL team, you may be able to squeeze in on a part-time basis with a team as a guest service representative.  Watch games for free on your days off!

10.  Golf Course.  Work behind the bar at the club house, on the grounds, maintaining the golf carts, whatever.  Anything to get to golf for free on your days off.  Of course if you live on a golf course, this is not for you.

11.  Brewery.  Big breweries have restaurants, tasting and sales rooms, and grounds.  If you can get a part-time job working at a brewery, the greatest perk of all will become available to you: discounted craft beer!  Someone please give me a job at Ballast Point.  Sculpin...yum.

I get that people retire so that they DON'T have to work.  But for some people, not working can be scary.  In many cases, when married couples retire simultaneously, there is a build-up of tension at home.  Couples start to annoy each other if they don't maintain a somewhat occupied lifestyle.  Part-time working may be the solution.  In addition to getting out of each other's hair, part-time jobs will allow couples to live off their retirement savings a lot longer.  By the way, if you're having marriage problems because of your finances, The Simple Dollar has a great guide for you to read.

For me, I imagine a part-time job allowing me to spend on my hobbies without worry of depleting my savings, and that alone is peace of mind.  If I can get additional perks, even better.

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