Friday, January 20, 2017

How I Plan to Make My 40s My Best Decade Yet

My thirties were great, but my forties are gonna be even better.  The main reason for it?  I've been working for years now on my "self-actualization."  It's taken me some time (years) to finally discover which version of me is the best.  I tried to advance in areas that didn't match my true calling well enough, and was met with only marginal success.

One symptom of lack of creativity, spontaneity, and problem solving skills is the lack of congruence with your true self.  For example, I'm blogging on this platform and doing my best to help the adults that chance visit this site.  While that may give me a sense of personal satisfaction, and a medium to express my creativity, I've discovered that this isn't connecting with my heart.  My mind is in it, but my heart isn't.  Wow...that was hard to express out-loud.  But you can't fulfill your full potential without making some difficult realizations.  Now I'm not going to quit writing these blog posts, but I will understand where I stand so I can move ahead.

I've already started in fact to move ahead.  I plan on making my forties the best decade of my life.  Here is how taking the path toward self-actualization will lead me to even more success and happiness:

I'm going to continue to help young people because that is what makes me the happiest.  I'll be doing that as a consummate professional educator (teacher), holding myself and my students to high standards.  I'm also going to continue to offer my students real-world lessons outside of the classroom as "Teacher Homie G."

I'm going to 10X my efforts to reach tweens and teens on social media, providing them with inspirational messages so they stay motivated to excel.  Young people need a reassuring voice.  I know this because I've worked with thousands of young people.  They're scared of the future, and not knowing their place in the world.  It gives me great pleasure to be their mentor and guide.

If you know of a parent that's struggling with a teen, send them this way.  Heck, if you know teens that are lost and struggling, send them to my site.  Even though it's a lot more time for me, I'm now writing a blog specifically for teens at my site.  I'm giving teens guidance, mentoring, and lessons on what it takes for them to be successful in the 21st Century.  I realize now that I 'm at my best with young people...duh!  I've become more comfortable vlogging on YouTube as Teacher Homie G, and if only my students see these videos, that's fine with me.  If anything, these videos on life help my students focus on learning science in my classroom, and not being so caught up on what's happening on the streets.

So to summarize,

1) I will push my personal brand as C. Osvaldo Gomez, a.k.a., Teacher Homie G even more, with lots of content in multiple media.

2) I will continue to grow as a person and professional.  Reading and reflecting on my experiences will be how I'll accomplish this.

3) I will help more people (especially teens) this decade than I did last decade.  Thousands more!  Whether it's through this blog or through my other platforms online.

4) I won't compare myself to what others are up to (as much) as I know that what I'm doing is unique in some respects.  Anytime I get jealous of the accomplishments of others, I will go back to: "You're helping in your own unique way and you should feel good about that."

5) I will embrace the 21st Century.  Unlike before I didn't get onboard to the latest social media.  This time will be different.  Now I know how important it is to be first on the scene.

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