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10 Reasons Why Successful People Succeed And You Don't

It's January 1st, 2017!  I want to start out by wishing all of you a happy new year.  You know, the partying was awesome last night.  We spent our New Year's eve at the home of great friends and I thoroughly enjoyed saying goodbye to 2016.  Not that 2016 was bad for me.  I'm just a positive person.  2016 was my best year yet for my personal brand.  In case you don't know what I mean by "personal brand":

Personal branding: The practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.  Also, it's the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image in the minds of others.

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But you're here to read about how successful people succeed or are better at succeeding than you.  There is a method to the madness that is achieving success.  Success is not a science, but it is a well-developed art that many have made millions describing.  Let's not waste any more time, and get right to it.  Here are ten reasons why successful people succeed and you don't:

1.  They have a strong bank of decision making neurons.  Successful people are less impulsive than average people.  They measure, weigh, and calculate before making every decision (buying things, investing, eating certain foods, etc.) that comes face to face with their "values."

2.   They have "values."  Have you taken the time to write out what your values are?  I'm not asking you to write out value statements.  You just need to identify the one word that represents what you stand for.  For example, my lifelong values are: Service, Perseverance, Contribution, Learning, and Achievement.

How do your values impact your day-to-day?  So check it.  Today is a Sunday.  Even though people made New Year's resolutions that should launch on the 1st of the year, average people will wait until Monday to get started on them.  Why?  Well there's football on TV.  It's a Sunday, the last day to "rest" before the week starts.  The excuses are endless.  I won't watch football today because that lack of activity comes into direct conflict with my values.  Moral: Have values!

3.  They "create."  To successful people, the world is their canvas and they can paint anything on it.  There are no limitations on what they can produce for themselves or others.  Constantly consuming is problematic to successful people.  They feel an imbalance with their life if all they're doing is taking and taking, and not making.  What's the last somewhat original (your version) thing you have created?

4.  They embrace change.  Do you seriously believe you can continue to redefine your success if you don't embrace the novelties of each decade?  Successful people jump on the latest platforms.  They understand the reward for being first.  It's like the high school dance.  The first couple that starts dancing on the gym floor gets everyone's attention and their popularity benefits.  Are you standing along the wall every day like a loser?  Get out there!

5.  They're positive.  If successful people were subatomic particles, they'd be protons.  If you've forgotten your high school chemistry, a proton is a positively charged particle.  But although successful people attract many negative people (electrons) with their success and accomplishments, they don't "bond" with these people.  Are you a proton or an electron?  

6.  They have positive associations.  Back to our analogy of subatomic particles, successful people stay tightly clumped together in the nucleus with other protons, meaning their inner circle of success.  These are other likeminded people who express no negativity and who mutually benefit from each other's expertise.  Successful people don't hang around with people who complain, pity themselves, believe in scarcity, and so on.  Are you hanging around too many electrons?

7.  They're devout followers of the god of abundance.  Well, I don't know if such a god exists in people's culture, but successful people would surely worship this god.  Successful people don't see scarcity as a reality they have to accept.  Even during the Great Recession, successful people were thinking abundance and expansion.  Scarcity events are an opportunity to gain over those that retreat.

8.  They're true lifelong learners.  Most people call themselves "learners," but they haven't picked up a book or learned a new skill in years.  If you think reading one or two books a year, an article or two once a month, or a manual here and there, makes you a learner, you are seriously confused.  In an epoch where the currency of all success is information, reading as little as described in the previous sentence makes you no more than below average.  Sorry for being harsh, but you know me...I keep it real!

9.  They spend more time thinking than the average person.  Unlike most people who are scatter brains, successful people take the time to think.  They focus on a problem and tackle it with uninterrupted time.  Most people think while watching television or doing the dishes or cleaning the house.  Successful people make thinking a stand alone activity.  They close the door to the outside world and fire up the grey matter until they produce solutions.

10.  They aren't couch potatoes.  For successful people, exercising is a way of life.  Exercising is not something they have to convince themselves to do.  It's not something they have to make time for.  Rather, exercising is a foregone conclusion of someone else wondering what they will be doing with their day.

Personal and financial success is not elusive.  Sure we may all have a separate starting point, but with the right guide anyone can reach their destination.  Use these 10 reasons for success to guide you along your journey.  Thanks for reading!       

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