Saturday, January 28, 2017

10 Easy To Do Things That Will Amplify Your Success Over Time

Every day we are offered the opportunity to do things differently.  But because we are human, we build routines that sometimes don't have our success in mind.  For example, my dinners always included eating one or two chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  In fact, I ate dessert after dinner for many years.  I put on some weight, and even though I exercised regularly, I couldn't drop it.  It took a decision to change on my part (no more dessert every evening) for me to drop the 2-3 extra pounds I had put on.  Now I have dessert for dinner only on special occasions, and I really haven't missed the sugar.  By the way, I haven't compensated by having a bunch of sweets throughout the day.  Yes, I indulge in dark chocolate after lunch, but that's where the sugary treats end for me.

I bet there are similar small tweaks to your daily routine that you can adopt to build success over time.  Taking in mind the professional lifestyle, I'm going to be suggesting 10 small things you can do every day to compound your success over the next few years.

1.  Climb the stairs.  If you work in a multiple floor building, you can choose the stairs over the elevator.  Just think how easy it is to opt-in to burning more calories, and toning your legs.

2.  Walk outside during your breaks.  Why go sit in the staff lounge during your break when you can snack and walk...and maybe even talk?  Get fresh air and sunlight to improve your mood.

3.  Read at least 10 pages a day.  That's not too hard, is it?  Well, to make it a little harder, make sure those 10 pages aren't fiction novels or stories.  Read the latest info in your industry, or focus on something you need to improve, e.g., your finances.

4.  Only drink one cup of coffee.'re not supposed to be relying on the stuff to get you through your day.  This is mental weakness!  Have some water instead.

5.  Save $8 a week.  Instead of buying lunch one day, take your leftovers from the past two dinners and create a concoction of a meal for lunch.  Have fun doing it, and give what you created a name.  It's super fun!  Example: Lasagna-Teriyaki Chicken Express.  The best way to make sure this gets done is to immediately deposit $32 into your Money Market account once you get paid.  Pay yourself first!

6.  Tell your spouse or significant other you love them before you leave for work.  If they're sleeping, leave them a little, "I love you" note.  Or whisper it in their ear.  This has a positive effect on the both of you and your relationship will benefit over the long haul.

7.  Play with your Kids, Tweens, or Teens.  Don't be so "grown-up."  Take part in an activity with your child, no matter their age, at least once a week.  If your kids are playing video games, join in.  You can set limits and even discourage them from playing, but try getting involved once in a while.  It will go very far with your children who are actually just dying for your time and attention.

8.  Walk to the mailbox yourself.  Don't send your son or daughter to go get the mail when doing it for yourself has so many benefits.  Again, this is about you moving, getting fresh air, and sunlight.

9.  Put the phone to bed an hour before you go to bed.  You're on the phone all day.  Will it kill you to plug it in and leave it alone an hour before you hit the sack?  Use this non-phone time to read your ten pages!  Or relax in front of the television.  Better yet, interact with your spouse...connect however you see fit.

10.  Go to bed 30 minutes earlier.  Chances are you're not getting enough sleep.  And if you are, then wake up 30 minutes earlier.  You may not know what to do with that extra time at first, but I bet if you give it a few days, you'll come up with a constructive activity to get your day off and running.

You may find these 10 tweaks to your day to be trivial.  But just consider how almost all success begins with little and simple to do things that people choose to do versus those that don't.  Why?  Because they don't think these things will matter.  Or they don't think these things will have any effect.  That's erroneous thinking, of course.  It's the little things that matter the most when carried out over long periods of time.

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