Saturday, December 24, 2016

7 Ways To Make This Christmas The Most Memorable Ever

It's Christmas yet again.  No doubt you have already taken part in a number of pre-Christmas rituals like buying gifts, a honey baked ham, and a tree.  You've gotten the eggnog and dark rum from the store, had a few helpings of it leading up to Christmas eve, watched a classic Christmas flick on television while munching on gingerbread cookies, and maybe even listened to tunes to get you in the spirit.

How is this Christmas any different from last year's?  Or for that matter, how is this Christmas any different from those of years before?  Now if someone important to you has died, my condolences.  If your children aren't going to be in town, again, my apologies.  Let's factor out all of the things that can make Christmas one of the most suicidal times of the year.  Let's say that everything points to another routine Christmas day.

How can you make Christmas 2016 be more memorable?  Well, it's not going to be a highlight reel on its own.  You're going to have to completely change things up!  I have seven ideas for you that will undoubtedly make this Christmas the most epic one you've ever had.

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1.  Do a Mannequin Challenge opening presents.  This is all the rave right now.  So have someone video people in mid-stride while opening gifts, making happy or sad faces with their gifts in hand, and so on.  Then upload the video to Facebook and let your friends and family see you killin' the best poses.

2.  Go Facebook (or Instagram) live.  Now you can share the enjoyment and love that happens every Christmas morning in your home with relatives and friends on Facebook.  This is such a cool feature.  Your extended family will feel like they are there with you.  Imagine your parents being able to see their grandchildren as they open presents.

3.  Hide the presents.  C'mon, presents under the Christmas tree is so cliche.  Why not make finding presents into an activity your children will enjoy.  Tell your children there are at least X number of presents hidden inside of the house.  They have to find all of them and bring them to the Christmas tree before they can start opening them.  Fun and exercise!

4.  Go out for lunch as a family.  Hey, this works great for Jewish families on Christmas day.  Why can't it work for your family?  No fighting over the television, slaving over the usual cooked lunch, or even clean up.

5.  Have a Karaoke contest.  Put on some jammies, some karaoke jams, and see who can sing it best.  Fun for the entire family.  Everyone must take a turn!

6.  Make dad into a Christmas present.  With the torn leftover paper, have dad lay on the carpet and let your kids go to town on wrapping him up.  You'll need clear tape.

7.  Sit with the homeless.  Now if you search, "how to have the best Christmas ever," on Google, you'll find the recommendation of going to a soup kitchen and serving the homeless as one way to remind yourself of what Christmas is all about.  I agree with this.  Go ahead and serve, for some time.  But more rewarding is actually sitting down with homeless people and having a conversation with them.  This humanizes them.  So join them at their table and spark up a conversation.

It should be clear by now that the best way to have a memorable Christmas is to change things up.  I honestly don't remember very many Christmas days and that's because they were ordinary.  For something to stick in your mind, it has to have a strong emotional component to it or it has to be unique.  Use this formula and these seven tips to make your Christmas the best one yet!  Merry X-mas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, счастливого Рождества!

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