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6 Personal Branding Must Haves and To-Do's

My wife and I have been on a webinar tear lately, learning from network marketing experts, sales funnel and lead generating coaches, and personal branding consultants.  There have been some consistent messages being delivered by these people that I must share with all of you.  The 21st century has made it both easy and difficult for entrepreneurs to expand their sales footprint across the world.  Distinguishing your brand from those of others is easier said than done and even harder when you don't know where to begin.

Personal Branding: More Than an Elevator Speech - Business 2 Community

Some obvious must haves if you want to build a foundation of credibility and trust for your personal brand:

1.  A website with your name as the domain
2.  Client testimonials
3.  Contact information that is professional, ex,
4.  A professionally designed website
5.  An About Me page
6.  Your services or products presented preferably with a video
7.  An email opt-in form

The challenge for most personal brand entrepreneurs is threefold: getting traffic to their site, keeping traffic at their site (a strong intro and engaging content), and getting visitors to take the bait from the "Call to Action" outro.  Having a clear idea of what you want from each of your visitors is paramount to success.  Some entrepreneurs don't want a sale to take place until further up in the funnel pipeline, preferring engagement and email harvesting.  Other entrepreneurs want nothing more than a sale to take place before the visitor clicks away.  It's ultimately your responsibility to figure out what strategy will work best for you and your business.

Webinars are an example of a tool entrepreneurs can use to accomplish several objectives, e.g., harvesting both emails and sales.  They are a money maker, especially for coaches and consultants.  But they work equally well for email marketers.  An excellent webinar ad can provide email marketers with hundreds of emails.  Now I want to share with you some common threads among the best authority figures on the Internet.  These are must haves and to-do's for all would-be experts in any space.

1.  The effective presentation of your personal story.  I have a great personal story, but I've done a crappy job of presenting it to all of you.  I need to figure what portions of my personal story resonate better with all of my visitors.  So do you.  And then you have to present it on your website in a way that evokes an emotional connection.

2.  The (golden) eggs come first, not the chicken.  What are your golden eggs?  These golden eggs represent your claim to fame, i.e., the things you've done to be worthy of someone's attention.  It will be very hard for you to convince people to buy, become your client, and so on, if you've done little in your niche.  So you may have to "put in work," before you get to rise to shot-caller status.

3.  A professional image (video is even better) of you delivering wisdom to other people on your homepage.  You should be dressed nicely and look the part of an authority.  Leave the relaxed look to the top dogs in your space.  They can get away with it.  You have to look sharp consistently.

4.  Lifestyle shots.  You can't be a someone without some flash.  Sadly, privacy has no place in the personal branding arena.  If you can get selfies with people more influential than you, do so.  If you can get pictures of you enjoying life in beautiful spots, looking fantastic, then you best upload them.  You don't have to be fake, but you should look happy.

5.  Create an excellent first ad.  First of all, you need to spend money advertising your offer.  This could be via a great site like or through Facebook.  You will never get the traffic you need to go personal brand viral without spending a good amount of money.  Even the great, Tai Lopez paid for his exposure in the mid-2000's.  In fact, one of his ads went viral and the rest is history.

6.  Website plus Social Media equals liftoff.  You are killing your personal brand if you're not on ALL of the social media channels in some way.  Be on Twitter, FB, Instagram, Snapchat, and have a YT channel!  It's a lot of work but if you want to build personal brand recognition, you need to be where your audience is.  Also remember that doing what others are doing is not the right recipe.  You must be inimitable and unique in your Tweets, videos, etc.  If someone can copy you, then you have no distinction worth exploring.

Don't give up.  I've had my share of bad days and have wanted to quit this blog many times.  But I keep coming back to it because I love to blog and help people!  The secret to my success has been resiliency.  What's yours?

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