Sunday, November 27, 2016

Why Monday Is The Most Important Day of The Week

If ever a day was misunderstood by people it is Monday.  Monday is dreaded by most Americans.  On Sunday nights you can expect like a gazillion Facebook posts, especially memes, garnering groupthink sympathies about the end of the weekend.  Monday has inspired songs like The Bangles, Manic Monday.  Monday is the first day of the week, a winner, but treated like the worst day of the week, a total loser.

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Americans need an attitude adjustment about Monday.  But just simply telling someone to have a positive mental attitude at the start of the week won't work.  You have to look inward, or approach the attitude from the inside-out, as Stephen R. Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, suggests to do with any established paradigm.  Why do you lack the appreciation that a new day, one that happens to start your work week, gives you?  For most people, it's because they hate having to go back to work.

If this is you, then why do you go to a job that you hate?  Find yourself another job.  If you can't do that, then you must have a deeper understanding of how your perceptions about your job deeply ruin a perfectly good day like Monday.  Monday gives every employee or worker in this country the biggest of opportunities.  Consider the following:

1.  Monday, every one of your coworkers will be "tired" from the weekend.  Despite the weekend being the time when one is supposed to get recharged, everyone seems to be tired on Monday.  What if you showed up full of energy instead?  At first, you'll be considered weird, but in due time, everyone will want whatever it is you are on.  (Life!)

2.  Similarly, Monday is when your customers will be feeling being back in the grind.  Use your energy to make more sales or connections than any one of your co-workers.  This is when you can distinguish yourself from all other people, and get more market share.  Simply by being more effective on Monday morning you'll gain a leg up on the competition.

3.  Monday is the first day of service.  For many professionals, Monday is the day they get to go back to helping people.  That's enough motivation for a teacher like me.  I realize many of my counterparts wish they had another day or two, but not me.  I don't feel like I've had a complete day without helping someone in some way.

This is where many people go wrong with Monday.  They see it as a loss of freedom, rather than another chance to gain financial freedom.  If you're constantly counting down the days until Friday, it is a sign that you have nothing going for yourself.  You're passionless, and have no projects of your own that excite you.  You're not working toward anything in other words.

When someone has goals, every day is just as valuable as the next one.  Monday becomes Friday.  You are so engrossed in your work outside of work, that the days are seamless.  The solution, therefore, to a Monday full of possibilities is having an agenda.  Not a to-do list.  A real agenda, like what you're trying to accomplish.  Want a promotion?  Use Monday better than anyone else at work, and the days after too, of course.

Be pleasant to talk to on Mondays

Be happy on Mondays

Be willing to do whatever it takes on Monday

Say "No" to nothing on Monday

Be grateful and compliment at least five people on Monday

Listen to people on Monday, avoid excessive talking on Monday

Be glad you're alive on Monday because someone else died on Sunday...that's a fact!

I'm gearing to make tomorrow, my Monday, the best one yet!  Until next time. 
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