Friday, November 4, 2016

5 Ways to Stay On Top in The Information Era

One big problem for Americans is that they haven't pivoted completely into the Information Era.  Even though they may be living today as members of this new age, they really aren't alive.  They're more like zombies, in between worlds.  Their minds are in the Industrial era, where careers and job security ruled.  Their bodies are in the Information Era, where careers truly don't exist and job insecurity creates more panic in them than ever before.

Digital Revolution Marks The Beginning Of Information Era

Do you know someone who doesn't "get" that things have changed?  That information and technology is rapid.  That most people will have several jobs over the course of their lifetimes, not as a result of choice, but because companies and businesses too are insecure.

Look at this staggering graph:

What's going on?  Why are so many prime working-age males not part of the labor force?

"Nearly 36 percent of prime-age men not in the labor force lived in poverty in 2014--casting doubt on the hypothesis that nonparticipation represents a choice enabled by other personal means or income sources."

"Participation has fallen particularly steeply for less-educated men at the same time as their wages have dropped relative to more-educated men, consistent with a decline in demand."

--Source: The Long-Term Decline In Prime-Age Male Labor Force Participation, Executive Office of the POTUS, Council of Economic Adviser, June 2016.

You could title the top of that graph: The Industrial Era.  Our former economy was more industrial in nature than all other economies of the world.  During these times, Americans developed some nasty habits:

1) You don't have to learn beyond high school
2) Your career or job will pay you consistent wages
3) Devote yourself to your employer and you will be taken care of
4) Your pension is waiting, just keep working

So now let's get into how we can help men who are lost, angry, confused, or even sad for their unemployed situation.  The following information may also help you never be included in the top statistics.

5 Ways to Stay In Top In The Information Era

1)  Mind pivot: Consider your mind the greatest asset you have.

2)  Read at least two hours a day.  Read the latest about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, finance, and technology.  If you can't afford books, go to a library!

3)  Learn to read quickly.  The faster you can read, the more information your mind can consume.

4)  Learn to retain more of what you read.  The better your mind can assimilate information, the better you will "own it."

5)  Learn how you learn best.  That's right...this is about you.  You may have hated school.  This could've easily been because the way you were taught didn't suit your specific needs.  So figure out how you learn best.

The Information era is here and it is very real.  The age of job insecurity requires that you keep your best asset, your mind, like a well-tuned machine.  If you're not advancing, you're falling behind.

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