Friday, November 18, 2016

5 Smart Entrepreneurial Things You Can Do With $1000 Right Now

Hello everyone!  I was glancing at article titles online to see if any would be worthy of my click when I came across, "5 Smart Things You Can Do With $1,000 Right Now," by Motley Fool.  When I surveyed the 5 "smart things" I was very disappointed.  They included:

101 Reasons Being an Entrepreneur Rocks - Business News Daily

1) Create an emergency fund
2) Pay off bad debt
3) Save for retirement
4) Invest in your kid's education
5) Invest in your education (add a degree or certification)

How are any of these "smart"?  They are boring, trite, regurgitated, and average pieces of advice at best.  This is why most Americans won't have enough money to retire.  You've seen enough of these dire, foretelling articles glorifying the retirement crisis.  The media is scaring you daily into playing it safe.  Frugal living is safety.  Motley Fool's article cited above, more safety.  Safety is the problem in America.  Taking risks is the solution only a few dare promote.

Stop living in fear and take immediate action to defy that fear.  Do one of the five entrepreneurial things I suggest below to spark your income generating engine.

1)  Become a sales associate with a network marketing company.  Most cost around $500 to get started.  These are business you can do on the side until you make enough to quit your day job.  Google: Top 50 MLM Companies.

2)  Buy your domain name.  No one but you should own your name online.  Once you buy your domain name, start making plans for a website.  Are you going to be doing consulting?  Will you an information and resource expert?  Will you finally take your small business online?  Spend the rest of that $1000 on the website.  Have someone at build it for you.

3)  Start a small business.  Look, there really are no limits to what you can start doing business in.  Read, The $100 Startup book by Chris Guillebeau for inspiration and examples.

4)  Pay for an e-commerce, email marketing, Facebook Fan page, Success, or Best-Selling Author training, business courses from gurus like Anik Singal, Anthony Morrison, Tai Lopez, Steve Chou, Ramit Sethi, Jack Canfield, or Brian Tracy.  Don't waste your money on college courses.

5)  Loan the money to your kids to start their own business.  Just put it out there and see if they take the bait.  Tell them you will give them seed money, $500, to start a business.  If you can't stomach being an entrepreneur the least you can do is encourage the next generation.

You have to think outside the box with money these days if you're to get ahead.  Being part of the crowd will not get you anywhere.  Hiding under a rock when it's clearly obvious you have to be your own boss (even with a job) these days is a surefire way of never succeeding.

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