Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review of Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is an excellent example of a case study on grit, resilience, and success.  His book, Be Obsessed or Be Average, should not only be read by every person in America (he'd say every person on this planet), but it should also be required reading for every psychology student who will ever be working with people and their pathology relating to fear.

Probably intentional, Grant Cardone threatens the mental health services establishment with a belief he holds to be true to the last cell on his body: You can obsess your way past your fears, personal stagnation, and become an unstoppable force with no ceiling.  Be Obsessed or Be Average refreshingly undermines everything Americans have come to depend on for coping with their anxieties, depression, and fears, namely, medication, self-help, and mental health providers.  And Grant is unapologetically convinced his way is better.

If this book doesn't make every person who reads it initially envious, they are not human.  Grant has gotten in front of every influencer out there and delivered a bombshell of a social theory with more than just bravado.  His book clearly describes how he went from rock bottom to the multi-millionaire (impending billionaire) he is today.  Now I have read many books from a slew of successful individuals, for example, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, Brian Tracy, Napolean Hill, etc.  None of them have made as much sense to me as Grant Cardone has.  Perhaps it's because I'm wired just like he is?

A constructive obsession is the switch that both destructive and average individuals need to turn on, Grant emphasizes throughout the book.  If that were all, the book would still be revolutionary, but there is more.  In fact, he shares with readers multiple exercises he created and uses to revitalize his obsessions.  My favorite: The two column chart of Personal and Professional Life that identifies your potential expertise, and ways to increase your professional bandwidth.  This is where I felt most connected to his message.  No one can be Superman year in and year out.  Everyone has a Kryptonite.  Grant writes about moments when he let his Clark Kent identity get the best of him and how it cost him both financially and spiritually.

If you are a control freak, an obsessive type, and/or an extremely driven individual, you will love this book because it will show you how to convert those socially "unacceptable" personalities into a call to action for your life.  You will love this book because you will for once be championed and not denigrated.  You will cherish this book because you have been "given permission" to operate obsessively in all aspects of your life.  And if after all of this you still think obsession is a bad thing, you just don't get it.

I read the book in about three days time.  It's an easy read but so engaging that it forces you to stop and think, even discuss what you just read with your significant other as was often my case.  My wife, Jessica, a network marketer, couldn't help getting her hands on the book and seeing what all my excitement was about.

Jessica reading, Be Obsessed Or Be Average

During our anniversary weekend last Saturday and Sunday, Jessica and I spent a lot of time...(Hey what are you thinking?  I keep it PG-13)...talking about the message of the book and how it applied to our business ventures.  Suffice it to say, Jessica made some deep and emotional revelations about what has kept her on the sidelines while many regular people like her go from $30K in income a year to over $30K a month!  Before we got home Sunday afternoon, she had written out new goals for her business.  The following day she'd made cold calls to prospects she'd given up on, this time fully committed (she got a sale and booked an appointment), redesigned her website, and changed her theme from "Starbound" to "Rise Up Region."  Region manager is the level she wants to be at the end of March 2017.  Now she is all-in and understands true obsession.

How Be Obsessed or Be Average Helped Me

I too wrote out new goals before getting home: (Notice how they are written in the present tense.  Grant taught me this)

I have a new call to action freebie for new subscribers to Common Core Money blog.  This one I completed last Sunday evening!

I have 10,000 new subscribers to Common Core Money blog.

I have a new information product, a book for teachers and school officials tentatively titled, Pedagogy of Money.

I have 5,000 more Twitter followers.

I have 2,000 more FB page likes.

I have a professional development course for teachers who want to inspire at risk students with financial literacy and entrepreneurship curriculum.

Thanks for reading.
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