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Friday, September 16, 2016

Investor Alert! The Coolest Prospectus You'll Ever Read: 3 Monkey Games

The average American probably has no idea what a prospectus is.  That's because only a fraction of our entire nation invests their money.  A tragedy of sorts, no?  I've glanced at hundreds.  I get most of them sent to me via email by my brokerage account at Wells Fargo.  They're all incredibly hard to read "cover to cover," so to speak.  Even the ones I've read from alternative asset sources are plain, and painful to read.  I'd rather be sitting at the dentist getting the gaps in my teeth scaled.  I will admit I have only read maybe a handful of prospectuses (this maybe the first time I use the plural of prospectus in a sentence) in my life from title to final sentence.
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As I've shared, I'm a 10% Entrepreneur and work for equity with certain companies.  By the way, I've just added: "Will work for equity" to my Twitter description.  Handle: @Cosvagomez.  But I digress.  One of the companies I'm currently working for as an Advisor is 3monkeygames .  3 Monkey Games is a mobile game company that has created a family of online games you can "backpack" through.  Instead of playing one game, leaving all your power ups or earned credits behind, you can now take them onto another game and proceed to grow your position even more.  This is a unique feature that has monetary value.

The Chief Creative Officer of 3 Monkey Games is my friend, Wes Smith.  He's been featured here at CCM blog a few times.  See: Wes Smith makes RE investing fun.  Wes has stakes in, and owns several companies.  3 Monkey Games is just one of them.  He also happens to be a very successful real estate investor.

Wes is a visionary that believes in democratizing gaming-investing, a combination that isn't readily available for the masses.  And although he loves making a ton of money as a developer and RE investor, his passion lies in the world of games.  He isn't some sort of novice either.  He's a certified gaming expert having created multiple board and online games for over 12 years!  Now Wes wants you to be a part of a great opportunity, and indeed, part of a community that believes strongly in the 3 F's: Family, Friendly, Fun.  The format for this opportunity is 21st Century, Internet and App gaming.  The concept is twofold.  You can be an advertiser, promote your business through the multiple games owned by the company, and make back some of your money (spent to advertise) by getting new players to join or by holding a contest.  Or you can be a Broker (by paying a fee) who in addition to bringing in new players, can also make money by finding more advertisers.  This can get very lucrative.

Angel investors...you can get in on this too.  The company is offering up to a 15% equity stake.  Individual shares are being sold for $5K (valuing the company at $500K).  With just 8 Brokers, each with 10 advertisers, and 40 players per advertiser, you'll get your initial investment back in one year.  But nobody wants to just break even after a year.  Of course not!  The returns are much greater year 2, year 3, and so on.

And now the coolest prospectus you'll ever read (or see).  The graphics are amazing.  Take note startups, you should consider hiring a graphic artist to share your story visually on your prospectus.

3 Monkey Games Prospectus

But don't just look at it.  Take this opportunity seriously and discuss it with your investor peers.  Contact Wes and get more info if necessary.  Thanks for reading!  Until next time.

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