Thursday, March 31, 2016

Simple Product Profits, First Impressions On This Amazon Business Course

It's good to be back again on this platform.  I'm not writing as much these days simply because I've been busy attempting alternative ways of making income.  About two months ago, my wife, Jessica and I spent a great chunk of our time looking online for land to develop into custom homes, apartments, etc.  My father-in-law has over 25 years of experience doing this and he agreed to mentor us on all aspects of this business.

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So we spent considerable time online looking for great parcels to buy in Riverside county.  We drove to selected lots.  Some were in Lake Elsinore, while others were in Murrieta.  At one point, we even made an offer on a parcel that was perfect for an 8-unit apartment complex that would've have brought in outstanding cash flow.  Then came the pop; our bubble was popped by the insane and ridiculous fees the cities of Riverside county are imposing on all land developers.  We learned from city officials, who asked we keep this to ourselves...though it is no secret...that development is being stalled intentionally.  This is why anyone looking to buy land in west Riverside county has inventory galore to choose from.  It would've taken $14K to get us all licensed and permitted in Lake Elsinore!  Well that's just too much to spend before even scratching the dirt.  So we moved onto something else.

This past Tuesday, Jessica and I joined a webinar on selling on Amazon.  We both have been quite interested in this for some time.  In fact, I've mentioned on this blog that having your own e-commerce site or selling on Amazon is a great way to bring in additional income in this day and age.  Two guys were hosting, Austin Hilton and Jeremy Sandow of "Simple Product Profits."

Having been on several webinars before, including one hosted by Ramit Sethi of "I Will Teach You To Be Rich," I knew how it would play out.  The hosts would give us some golden nuggets into how they make tons of money on their platform, tell us all we could do the same, and then hook everyone into an urgent decision to buy their course for a reduced price.  Ramit's price tag a year ago was too steep for me.  My wife and I, again, have been looking for a way to enter into a new arena without paying for an expensive course that would leave us too short to start-up.

I was pleasantly surprised by Austin and Jeremy's course cost segment.  The price for their Platinum Membership was a mere $497.  It included access to the 7 step-by-step learning modules, the Facebook Mastermind group,  monthly members only webinars, twice monthly live coaching workshops, and a done for you Amazon sales page.  Now that is value!  Since both Jessica and I are into this content, and want to successfully launch our own FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) business, we committed to the purchase.  We're really paying about $250 each since we can do it together...a bargain!

Okay, now onto what we have experienced thus far.  Jessica and I have systematically gone through two modules.  What we like about each module is that the videos within them are full of specific information.  Jeremy and Austin hold nothing back.  The tips they share have already sped us at least two to three months ahead of schedule.  I also like that they include a "checklist" of things to do before moving onto the next module.  This keeps you focused, and allows you to digest all of the material shared in the module by putting it to practice.

I have bashed "opportunities" on this blog before, but the Simple Product Profits is not going to be one of them!  Of course results will vary for each individual.

I will be sharing our progress in future posts.  If you are interested in e-commerce (which is only getting more and more of the retail pie...outcompeting brick and mortar), a great place to start is with a webinar by the Simple Product Profits guys, Austin and Jeremy.  Here is their FB page: Simple Product Profits.

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