Saturday, November 21, 2015

There Is No Substitute For This If You Desire Success

I think we've all become a bunch of pansies, complaining about how bad things are--economically speaking--in our lives constantly.  I admit, I sometimes get into a gripe session here and there.  Do you often go on a rant about your money situation? 

My wife, Jessica, stops me after she's tired of hearing my whining, and redirects me to what has always been the answer: work harder and smarter.  Do you have someone to metaphorically slap you around?  A person you trust?

This financial literacy post is on the one factor that almost always guarantees success in life.  The success I've had in my life is entirely due to a nonstop embodiment of this factor.  My father raised me to never be idle.  In fact, he hated it when I'd have nothing to do, and would assign me chores on the spot just so I could stay busy.  Are you the type of parent that assigns your kids chores when they're idle?

The lesson of having a strong work ethic is universal.  All cultures, but some better than others, ingrain in their young adults that hard work is as close to heavenly as you can get.  Yet, it takes a superbly successful person to make "it" click in your head that maybe you do have to work like a Mexican on a roof on an extremely hot day, seven days a week, to make things one day blow-up majorly (in a good way) in your life.

And you think you have it rough!

T. Boone Pickens, the legendary energy billionaire tycoon, recently shared what I consider to be the most sound and simple financial advice for young people:

Mr. Pickens said, "The work ethic is the backbone of success as far as I'm concerned."  He grew up in Oklahoma during the Great Depression and as far as he could remember, "no one he knew was lazy."  

He ran a small paper route, picking up his load by 3:00 a.m. and delivering them all before school.  This man was not born rich!  He has worked his behind off all of his life and he has always had money on hand, saving much of it as people of his era did.

I am saddened to see how things have changed.  Have you noticed how incredibly lazy people have become?  Are you one of these people that expect dreams to come knocking on your door and present themselves to you?  

"First thing I'd say is if you haven't developed a good work ethic, you better do it," Pickens said.

There is no substitute for hard work if you desire to accomplish something better for yourself.  Take the case of Rich Hachigian, a resident of my city who is on the verge of opening up an Edward Jones.  It's near 80 degrees today, a beautiful November Saturday that makes grown men want to sit on the couch and watch College Football all day, go to the beach, surf, nap, anything but work.  Not Rich, he came to my door wearing a long-sleeved shirt and tie, and khakis, and introduced himself.  He shared his new goal of establishing a successful business of his own by helping people invest, save for retirement and other things.  He'd been canvasing the neighborhood all morning.  Now that's work ethic!

Because Rich inspired me to write this post, I am thanking him by mentioning his new Edward Jones franchise that is looking for new clients.  If you need "sensible investing" advice and one-on-one financial services, give him a call: 760-576-8387 or email:

The theme of this post is YOU and how hard you work.  If you want something in life, sitting around, complaining about the system, the rat race, whatever, isn't going to get you anywhere.  60-hours a week right now...that's how hard Rich is working.  Do I think he will fail?  Not a chance!

Thanks for reading this get off your ass post.  If you want some more slap around, subscribe to this blog!    

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