Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10 Ways to Save On Halloween

Welcome amigos!  Today I have a spoooky piece of financial literacy for you.  It's my Halloween edition of frugality.  People really get into Halloween, especially young people.  But even seasoned adults can often over do the festivities, and wake up on the first day of November with a money depletion hangover to go along with the alcoholic induced one.

You can do Halloween all out.  People just don't care about how much they spend on this holiday; they simply want to make it memorable and fun.  So they will do things like buy 2015 costumes...e.g...be The Martian with a state of the art space suit.  Or they will host a party at their home and invite all of their friends.  This can get costly.  So can going to your city's downtown and bar hopping, sharing the experience of checking out people's costumes with buddies.  If this is what you have planned for this 31st, I say to you: Hold!

For the sake of you making it financially to November 30th, consider altering your plans or doing some of the things below:

1.  Make your own costumes.  I suggest, The Walking Dead.  Zombies are in, and all you have to do is buy dark face paint, fake blood, sprinkle dirt on your clothes, maybe tear them, and make sure your hair is disheveled.  Alternative and less expensive costume: A ghost.  Get that white bed sheet and cut holes where your eyes go.

2.  Have a place to go, like a free community event.  Or turn off the lights.  You'll save on paying for candy.

3.  Don't buy pet costumes.  C'mon...it's cute and all, but it's also expensive!

4.  Go to consignment or thrift stores and look for props, or clothing you can use for your child's costume.

5.  Buy cheap candy.  If you will hand out candy, buy it at places like Walmart or a warehouse club like Costco (bulk).  I always find candy to be more expensive at the supermarket.  Chocolates always cost more than do suckers, and Tootsie rolls.  Candy corn for everyone!

6.  Do not deck out your house.  Making it into a veritable house of horros will set you back.  Sure it is loads of fun, but you may need to forego on this.  However, if you must spook out your home, buy decorations at party stores.

7.  The Dollar Store or Dollar Tree.  Go here for the fake blood and face paint.  Plus you can get arts and crafts supplies at these spots a whole lot cheaper.  Glow sticks!  Flashlights for walking at night!

8.  Buy your pumpkins on October 31st.  They may not be the pick of the patch, but they will be cheaper.  Go to town on making your Jack-o-lanterns with October 31st pumpkins, not a day sooner!

9.  Use a reusable bag or pillow case as a candy bag.

10.  Get yourself invited to a Halloween party, especially one that does not require you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze).  If it's a family event, then even better.  You can feed your kids for free on Halloween and save an evening of food for dinner on November 1st instead.

There you have it.  Halloween is around the corner.  Use these ten savings strategies to enjoy it even more, my money conscious friends!  See you next time.  

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