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Friday, August 7, 2015

Rich Uncles Opens New Headquarters, Opens More Doors

3080 Bristol Street Ste. 550, Costa Mesa, CA was the place to be yesterday evening for CA investors interested in climbing aboard the soon to be sailing off ship known as Rich Uncles.

New Logo!  New website also on its way.

Rich Uncles, Harold Hofer, Howie Makler, and staff hosted a celebratory grand opening of their new office.  Investors were given a tour of the layout and encouraged to help themselves to the delicious spread of food and drink in the conference room.  I, of course, helped myself out several times.  Nothing better than free food, right?  My compliments to the catering company, by the way.

The conference room.  Things just getting started.  RU Howie Makler talking to a prospective investor on the left.

Having visited the old office in Newport Beach, I wanted to see the new base for myself, but more importantly, I wanted to meet the new faces of the Rich Uncles family.  I was met at the entrance by Steve (Investor Relations), a tall and friendly fellow, who welcomed me and made me feel at home right away.  A few seconds later, I met Richard and Wes, two other members of the IR team.  They were all dressed to impress.  Sharp looking dudes.

Wes photobombing.

Later in the evening I'd meet Lamont (Comptroller and IT...this is one talented young man), and Joel (also part of the IR crew).  Joel, a former NFL TightEnd who played for the Dolphins, would be the guy in the office you wouldn't want to play a prank on.  He's actually a big man with a big heart.  

Joel Williams smiling big for the camera.
Finally, I also met Greg Cole.  Greg weeds through Uncle Harold's deal list (a tedious process for certain) to find the most suitable acquisition targets.

Greg showing off his pearly whites.
Rich Uncles is growing and is moving fast.  Prospective investors interested in a chance to add commercial real estate in their portfolio arrived from start (4:00 p.m.) to finish (7:00 p.m.), despite the first Republican debate being aired on television at 6:00 p.m. PST.  It's hard to compete with The Donald these days.  Being rich like The Donald is much more interesting.  The only thing on TV at RU headquarters, however, was a video on repeat mode.  What were visitors seeing?  The yet to be aired commercial for the national RU REIT investor offering!  I could've recorded it on my iPhone and shared it here with you, but that would not have been "nice."

This handsome character is Eric Golub. Single ladies in the Peninsula and East Bay, he is available.  The guy plays a mean ukulele and no doubt he'd serenade you.    

I spent most of my evening with my pal, Eric Golub of Ira Services Trust Company.  Eric, a RU investor, helps new RU investors open up self-directed IRAs that allow investments in real estate.  He flew in from the Bay Area, my old stomping grounds.  I also got to catch up with my buddy, Leo, another investor.  This is what's great about being a RU investor: You meet hard working people like you, you become acquaintances, get to network, and bask in the glory that is becoming wealthy slowly via a solid investment, together.

Fellow investor Gary Dobbs.  An excellent RE agent out of Yorba Linda.
I'm excited about the future.  Within a few months, the RU offering of 2.5 million shares (a mere $25 million dollar value) will be completely funded.  Investors like me will continue to receive a 7.5% annual dividend yield for the next few years, until the triple-net properties the portfolio has are perfectly positioned in the market to be sold at optimum price.

Uncle Harold Hofer and Joel enjoying the RU TV commercial with folks. 

But what I'm really most excited about is seeing this social experiment of making commercial real estate investing available to the masses close its first chapter.  CBRE Chairman Ray Wirta's vision is coming to fruition.  As "Ambassador to the Investors" for RU, I am proud to have been part of the epic ride that helped make Mr. Wirta's project a reality for Californians, and can't wait to offer RU my services as they steer this ship across our state line.  Stay tuned!         

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