Saturday, June 6, 2015

Use Infographics to Spread Your Personal or Business Brand Gospel or Else!

Howdy, everybody!

Busy week for me, culminating with what was the final supervisory role of my assistant principal career: Graduation 2015 event security management.  Even though it was hectic and challenging as always, I enjoyed every minute of it, knowing there would not be more massive gatherings for me to secure in the future.  The graduation ceremony was excellent by the way.  I read this about the Class of 2015 yesterday: Many of them will be sitting tight rather than going to college.  Can't say I blame these HS graduates.

Today's post is about the powerful utility of Infographics.  Know what these are?  Sure you do, you've seen them on LinkedIn and FB, and so on.  Simply put, they're attention grabbing, poster-like visuals.  I created this one, my first, very easily using a free service at

I endeavored to make my first Infographic at Piktochart without going through the tutorial.  It paid off.  The process of changing icons, embedding links and pictures like my brand images, and writing my own text, was intuitive.  A kid could use Piktochart for school purposes in no time.  But should you?  That is the question.

You should use Infographics and start out with a free service like Piktochart to get the concept down IF:

You teach

Or You sell
Or You present

That should cover most of you.  There are two types of Infographic goals: 1) To get content quickly and easily out and 2) To make business impact.  For the former, a free service like Piktochart is the way to go.  For the latter, you should consider hiring a company like

Why even bother though?--you may be asking yourself.  Content is not king.  No it is not.  Great content is king and Infographics are the ace up your sleeve to get that crown on YOUR head.  With a cleverly designed Infographic you will:

1. Increase your brand's awareness
2. Improve the odds of your content going viral

Step 3
Share your Infographic
Download your image, share on web, use it as a presentation or email your infographic. Impress your audience whichever way you like.

3. Increase your search marketing results with targeted key words and meta tags
4. Boost your ability to get new subscribers and followers on your social media or web platforms
5. Get back links to your site with an "embed code."  If you pay for a service make sure you ask for this.
6. Make what you're trying to sell or present more understandable to your audience
7. Make offline tools.  Yes, you can PDF an Infographic, make it into a hard copy brochure, or print material you can give away or even sell!
8. Establish your authority as an expert/guru
9. Analyze who your audience is by adding tracking code (have your service provider embed Analytics) and learn more about your buyers.

As you can see there are quite a number of competitive advantages to using Infographics.  And as the saying goes, "if you're not...some else is."  

I just started getting a handle on this powerful online visual branding tool yesterday and I regret not having taken it seriously earlier.  For now, all I can do is move forward and share what I've discovered with you.

Thanks for reading!  Y'all comeback now, ya hear?

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