Saturday, May 23, 2015

Best Business and Investing Sites that Give the Most to Subscribers

It is clear to me now that I need to step up my game.  When I see how the top sites and niche blogs are giving out not one, but several free subscriber opt-in offers, it makes feel tiny.  Then I remember that I didn't start this blog with growing my ego as its number one priority.  Rather, I started it to help educators and others become financially literate by providing useful information and resources.

Putting my blogger problems aside for now, I have a great post for you today.  You know how I'm always looking for the best fin and investing articles, content, etc., online, to not only enhance my learning but yours, right?  Well, I've foolishly left out one other source of free and valuable content: the stuff you get from blogs and sites when you Subscribe!

Called, a "Call to Action," a Subscriber button (like the kind I have at the top of my left sidebar) gives visitors the value in subscribing (by entering their name and email) to the website or blog.  My offer is a free eBook I also sell on  This eBook traces my financial and investing activity, and gained insight, prior to launching this blog.  I happen to dedicate one of my three email accounts to the purpose of subscribing to sites and blogs with great free stuff.

Tip: Create an email account on Google or Yahoo, etc., that you can use to get content you want; sure you will also get emailed all the time, but it isn't your primary account, so who cares!  Yes, you may be pitched for an up-sell product in later communications, but no one can force you to buy. 

For some time now I have been keeping score, so to speak, of the best freebies I have received, subscribing to popular business, marketing, and investing sites.  These are offerings that blew my mind, leaving me thinking...I can't believe I got this for free!  Amazing, well-done, incredibly useful, are some of the words I would use to describe the free subscriber products from the following authorities, and I wholeheartedly recommend you go to their sites and subscribe.  I have read and watched everything I've been given, sometimes repeatedly.  That's how good it is.  Okay, here we go.  These are not in any particular order.

1) Dany Iny's site,, subscriber freebies include: 

Get More Cash Now out of any business, website, or blog. An excellent video series.  You'll also get several highly positively reviewed eBooks
Engagement from Scratch: How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience And How You Can Do the Same (sold also on Amazon for $20), a best-seller!
Make More Money, a proven process for making money with your blog.
Exposure and Traffic: How to get Traffic and Subscribers when No One even Knows You Exist, a proven three-tiered system for systematically attracting a warm (versus cold), engaged audience of subscribers.
Design Your Business: Learn How to Build Your Online Business from the Ground Up, strategies that took Danny years to figure out written in a quick 15 minute read format.

2) Steve Chou's site,, gives subscribers a 6-day mini course on starting your own online business. With e-commerce exploding (just last week Shopify went IPO), Chou's step-by-step, video and text based course is the most informative and pragmatic resource for anyone looking to sell either their own, or someone else's products, and make money dominating a small segment of a market.  He's done it over and over and he will inspire you, not to mention be able to guide you, to do the same.

3) Mark Ferguson's site,, is my pick for pound-for-pound best.  Not just because I have a predilection for all things real estate, but simply because he gives his subscribers the most.  This is not a case of quantity compensating for quality.  Truly, Mr. Ferguson is going out of his way to endear himself to novice real estate investors with 5 eBooks,
How to Buy a Rental Property with little or no money down
The 7 Pillars of the Invest Four More Strategy
Guide to Getting Loans on Investment Properties
Top 8 Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail
How I made $69,191.33 from Rental Properties in 2014
And for people interested in becoming a real estate agent...I kid you not...he sends you links to an entire seminar series, including 6 videos.  My man, Mark!

4) Pat Flynn's site,, also falls in the category of one of my favorite blogs to read.  But last time I mentioned it, I forgot to add that Pat's offering to subscribers, eBooks the Smart Way, is the premiere tool online on how to create, design, market, and sell an eBook.  People, to this day, want to pay Mr. Flynn for it, out of guilt, even when it's free.  And last but not least I have number 5:

   5. Marie Forleo at, is the sickest, most 'illest,' mas chingona, online celebrity we can tune into any time we want.  She's like friends with Oprah...and her show, MarieTV is watched by hundreds of thousands.  Her multi-million dollar company helps people create businesses they love.  Her subscriber offer includes 6 actionable wisdom episodes, including one where she interviews Tony Robbins.



If you're serious about wanting to stop being a salary slave, these are sites you must subscribe to, other than mine, of course.  (Smiley face).  There are differences between the products you will be offered out there, obviously, and I'm sure to discover some more excellent ones in the future, but for now, start with these.

This has been another installment of Common Core Money blog.  Thanks for reading and hope to see ya de nuevo!

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