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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Golden Joes Incentive!

Business decision-making and strategy is something I find to be extremely interesting.  When you consider the undefined puzzle that is business formation, you start to appreciate how remarkable well-run and established businesses truly are.  All business movements start somewhere--with an idea--and transform into how we see these entities on any given day.  A young business changes faces, so to speak, and paths more so than a mid or late cycle one.  This is what's needed because at the beginning, a business Founder, Owner, etc., is tweaking things to see what works best.

I'm doing this (tweaking as I go) myself with CCM LLC, and I've shared instances of this here at CCM Blog.  I've also chronicled some of the changes that Sponsor brand, Rich Uncles, has made since starting out a couple of years ago with a handful of investors to being now at 7,200+ strong.  Sponsor brand, Golden Joes & the Suggins Gang, has grown from a board game (Homevesting) to a freakin' game lobby with SDK room for game developers!  You gotta love the evolution of a business.  The time it takes businesses to go from point A to point B depends largely on the decisions owners make early on.  Take note novice entrepreneur:

When it comes to making business outcomes (involving your target audience) take seed and root quickly, there is no better germination accelerator than the incentive.

A great incentive has the following attributes:

  • It has steps, sort of like a ladder.
  • The juiciest offer is the lowest step (easiest to do).
  • It communicates urgency to the target audience by using a timeline, or a limited supply, e.g. 

Providing you today with a clear and assertive example of a great incentive is none other than Golden Joes Founder, and my partner Sponsor, Wes Smith.  On Tuesday, March 24th, I shared the Golden Joes opportunity with everyone.  See: Golden-joes-and-suggins-gang-providing....  If you haven't yet read this post, I suggest that you do.  The opportunities described are various and all can lead you to making some serious money.

I wrote this when introducing the Golden Joes Broker App: 

About the only downside to buying a Broker’s App is the monthly membership fee: $50.  However, when you buy the Broker App ($499) you get 6 months of free membership, plus a slew of other perks that will defray part of your expenses and help you entice gamers to play.        

I am pleased to let you know that there is an update.  Wes emailed me earlier today and said,

"I want to entice and incentivize people to buy the Broker App early, so I will be adjusting price points.  The early bird will stand to gain the most.  Instead of a set $499 for the Broker App, now people can get it (if they're in the first 250 batch) for as little as $99, plus we'll throw in free membership for 6 months.  Here are other options:

$199 for the App for the next 500 persons with 1-year free membership

$299 for the next 1,000 (after these 750) persons with 18 months free membership

$399 for the next 1,000 persons with 24 months free membership

We are also allowing 25 Broker Apps to be purchased for $1250 a pop, but each of these buyers will get 5 years of free membership!

And, 10 buyers will be given the opportunity to buy in for $25,000 with lifetime membership for free!"

For everyone who hasn't read the Golden Joes Fundable.com Offering, being a Golden Joes Broker, beyond your free membership months, will require a $50 membership fee.  With what you can stand to make in proceeds from your gamers' entry fees, this is peanuts.  Think big!  You have to realize how big online gaming has become and how much more room there is in it to run.

Wes's incentive shows all of the attributes listed above.  It's a great example of tweaking and experimentation.  As a businessman myself, I like the move and see lots of potential with Wes's re-offering of the Broker App in a ladder format.  The options people have now to be a part of the Golden Joes game lobby as a Broker are more inclusive and favorable for all walks of people.  Nice going, Wes!

You can Like the Golden Joes FB Fan page at: https://www.facebook.com/goldenjoes  Thanks for reading!

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