Monday, March 16, 2015

Generalist Opportunist Case Study One

How I Got Myself Featured In the San Diego Union Tribune

I want to share with you an instance where my GO nature shined.  This is a time in my life that started innocently enough and slowly snowballed into something great.  By great I mean that I was financially rewarded in some way for allowing the opportunity to unravel, and not getting in the way of it.  Have you ever had the start of something cool happen to you only to let your fear kill the momentum?  Think back to that or those moments and ask yourself: Why did I get in my own damn way?  Other than fear of the unknown, people often undermine themselves by believing they don’t deserve whatever great thing is happening to them.  They clam up.  They flake out.  And as quickly as the cool thing appeared in their lives, it also quickly vanished, unfed by the energy it deserved.  Positive attitude, fearlessness, and energy are what make a GO a special person, i.e., a standout.

Okay, so when is the last time you saw a vice principal getting any kind of positive attention out of the media?  Hardly ever, right?  In fact, getting written about in a newspaper article almost always spells doom for the administrator or school district.  At least with teachers it is around 50-50.  Half the time they’re being showcased for the great work they do with students.  The other half it’s usually something very bad, like an arrest or dismissal.

Now, did you catch how this GO (me) took this general opportunity and made it into a financial one?  If you didn’t let me show you:

"He is a creative fellow who has published a short-story collection, “Immigrant Me,” under the name C. Osvaldo Gomez. He might consider using his fiction skills to create a plot about an ideal school serving only concerned parents and studious children. Because, no matter how he strives in his profession, that’s the only way he’s going to see them."

Fred Dickey of Cardiff is a novelist and award-winning magazine writer who believes every life is an adventure. He welcomes column ideas and other suggestions; contact him at

I asked Fred to put the author blurb about me somewhere in the article.  Really, I asked for more than just the blurb because you always ask for the stars even if you end up with the moon.  But Fred at least was kind enough to agree to mention I had a short-story collection out under the alias, C. Osvaldo Gomez.  And just like that the sales for my
eBook, Immigrant Me & Other Short Stories, started rolling in.

Just how did I end up being a candidate for a newspaper feature anyway?  You may be wondering this.  I’ll tell you.  I mentioned to a co-worker that I had a short-story collection eBook he may enjoy reading.  This co-worker asked me to show him where he could take a look at the eBook.  I showed him the amazon page (link above).  And then he bought the book.  He liked the book and what I have done at the school with students (positively shaping their lives) so much, that he decided to make a phone call to his friend, Fred!  That’s right, this co-worker of mine, a man I had worked with for several years, was a personal contact of the writer.

Most people, timid, fearful, or feeling undeserved, would have put an end to the idea brewing in my friend’s mind.  They would have seen the potential 10-foot wave forming, and instead of grabbing a surf board, would have fled the beach so as not to be swept off their feet.  Not this GO….

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