Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Badgers, Monkeys, Golden Joe & the “Suggins Gang”

How does one man go from having badger problems to branding challenges?  And no, I’m not talking about a cattle rancher who once struggled with vermin.  I’m referring to a man I became acquainted with in 2014, finding his personal story extremely fascinating.  That man is Wes Smith of Wichita, Kansas.

There used to be bad days in Wes’s life as a Real Estate investor while rescuing, rehabbing, and reselling properties; those darn badgers in the attic would get the best of him!  Little did he know back then that those pesky project stallers would soon inspire a series of successful business ventures like creating a R.E. Flipper’s board game, Homevesting, and several other games involving his favorite childhood animal, the monkey.  I was fortunate enough to showcase him on CCM blog last October.  See: wes-smith-makes-real-estate-investing-fun.  His guest post as a matter of fact is still in my top ten!

I know the mind of a creative individual quite well.  I’m a similar type.  Ideas are like air to Wes and me, always in abundance, life giving, yet choking when stifled by our own limitations.  So I can understand why Wes got a hold of me last week and asked Common Core Money, LLC to help.  He deeply regrets that his creativity is at the mercy of his writing skills.  In fact, he’s actually quite hard on himself, being college educated, yet faulty at times with his grammar and sentence structure.  On more than one occasion I’ve had to tell Wes over email to stop apologizing to me.   Maybe he feels particularly ashamed because I’m an educator by profession?  Still, it’s not like I’m his English teacher.  All of this to say…Wes is a nice, genuine man and human just like the rest of us!

C. Osvaldo Gomez and Common Core Money, LLC is fortunate to call Wes Smith, and his company, Golden Joe & the “Suggins Gang,” their latest client.  As mentioned at the start of this post, branding challenges have now reared their ugly heads once again for Wes.  You see, Wes is embarking on a big, and I mean Internet big, endeavor.  He needs brand awareness and recognition, support, and ongoing engagement for things to work.  Money?  Sure, everyone can use funding nowadays.  Outside funding is how an idea establishes merit from backers and investors.  After hearing what Wes is currently up to, I’m itching to tell you, my loyal readers, how you can get in, i.e., be part of it all.  The opportunity Wes devised is unique, certainly one I’ve never come across, and I’m on social media constantly, reading, lurking in the water like a shark for wealth building blood!  

If you’d like to be first on the scene (be a “General Opportunist” like me) then do yourself a favor and “Like” the Golden Joe & the “Suggins Gang” Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/goldenjoes.  You can also subscribe to this blog using the button on the left sidebar, and be sure to never miss any of my blog posts.  You can also follow me on Twitter: @COsvaGomez to get my updates.  Thanks for reading, amigos!     

Wes & his son at a football game.

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