Thursday, February 5, 2015

What’s the sexiest financial habit?

Sex appeal and finance go together as well as peanut butter and ketchup.  I mean really, does anyone ever say in their how we fell in love story that they were attracted to their partner’s financial skills?  You may be with a partner who has fallen in love with your money, if you are a wealthy individual.  Though your partner may not openly share this with you.  Well, what if you had to state which money management traits you found most attractive in a potential mate?  What would you identify as a sexy financial habit?  Think about it for a second.

Okay, you got one?  If you selected the ability to save or budget, you would be in agreement with 55% of Ally Bank survey respondents.  See money-study-finds-most-americans-are-attracted-to-others-who-have

Apparently, my fin blogging partner, J Money, was dead on with the name of his blog: Budgets Are Sexy.

We all have some understanding of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, even if we don’t believe in it.  We know how certain species look for strong, colorful, fast, etc. mates to breed with to ensure their traits get passed on.  Some species have mating rituals.  Like the male peacock raising its tail feathers to show the female how glorious his colors are.  For humans, it has been stated in scientific articles that tribal females would select in some cases for males who were strong and exhibited leadership (developed cognitive abilities perhaps).

Then came along the creation of money.  Having a bread winner became important for females and looks/physical abilities started taking a back seat.
Women entering the labor force in mass droves last century brought a new challenge to money savvy males.  Their money making skills were no longer that much of a boost for their game, so to speak.  All these cute guys with no skills started taking the hot girls.  Ha!

Fast forward to today.  The wealth gap and income inequality both in terms of the breakdown between ethnic groups, but also between males and females, has taken a toll on human behavior once again.  Now finding a partner that has great credit, does not have ballooning debt, and knows how to save for the future via a budget, is attractive.  The latter two money skills are the most attractive.  So ladies and gents, budget up.  It may just be what puts a ring on it!       
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