Friday, February 27, 2015 The Deal at a Glance

In last Monday’s post: Social-media-marketing-helps-your-business, I revealed Common Core Money’s latest acquisition: is a site that helps people and businesses improve their online social media presence.  The past few days I've been working on the front page, editing the offerings.  There are four Facebook options: Page Likes, Website Likes, Video Likes, and Followers.  There are four YouTube options: World Views, Channel Subscribers, USA, and UK Views.  There are also Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and even Pinterest offers.  I don’t want to clutter the home page with the myriad types of offerings.  A person could get a quote for something not advertised by inquiring using the Contact page.  Social media marketing is one-third of the equation for attracting business, sales, leads, etc. to your company.  There’s also Search Engine Optimization and Content (video, well-written articles, e.g).

The experience thus far has been extremely positive.  For starters, I'm learning how to manage a WordPress site out of necessity. was built with WordPress 4.0.  I’m just beginning to get comfortable seeing all the buttons on the dashboard!  I have yet to add a blog post to the site.  This is something I will get to just as soon as I get some time.  I want to work slow and not accidentally delete the entire site by accident.  Lucky for me, the site’s seller is just an email away.  He’s been very helpful.  And this brings me to a couple of questions you may be pondering…

How did you come to buy a website?  Where are you finding this stuff, Carlos?

About two weeks ago I Googled:  “Passive Income Websites for Sale.”  Why did I Google this?  Because I’m not comfortable paying a software engineer in India hundreds of dollars to make me a site, especially when I don’t even have a product to sell!

I was looking for three things: 1) A great site with 2) A great product or service that 3) Did not require hours of oversight beyond the initial transfer, i.e., had passive income potential.  Being an investor allowed me to think about time as my greatest asset, and money as my greatest tool.  Is that how you think about time and money?

From the Google search I found is a market place where people sell domains, websites, and even blogs.  Like Ebay, you can bid on a domain or website/blog of your liking and if you’re the top bidder, you win the auction.  Some sellers even provide the BIN or Buy-It-Now option.  Like any market place, it's a place where the buyer must beware.  It's entirely up to the buyer to do their due diligence.  In fact, throughout the bidding time you can both openly and privately message the seller.  You are able to tell right away which domains or sites have the most attention from buyers from the string of multiple comments and questions toward the bottom of a sale page. provides a free downloadable eBook for both potential buyers and sellers.  I suggest that if you plan on using the site, you read these eBooks first. is a great site for people who want to have their own online business or want to make money flipping domains (buying them cheap, holding them, then selling them for more in the future).  SEO companies can buy domains to get backlinks for their clients as well.  Now onto the deal for

I found the sales page for, and like all the others I had glanced at, began reading the seller's information about the site.  One of the first things you notice after clicking an offering you like is the “At a glance” info, e.g., the Listing Type, Site Age, Platform, Site Type, and site Uniqueness.  These are all important pieces of information to help with your decision.  Other important factoids are if the site is monetized, and how the seller explains money can be made from the site.  Don’t just buy a site that is set-up with AdSense and affiliate marketing ads.  Make sure there is an actual service or product (an eBook, e.g.) that can be purchased by future visitors to the site.  You want to have the potential to upwell as well. is not a unique site.  You too could probably find a similar site to buy on Flippa.  What makes it “unique” is that it's tied to me, my brand, and Common Core Money Content marketing services.  Below are the numbers.  I’m sure everyone wants to know these right about now.

Cost of the site/Purchase price: 

I used the BIN feature as the bidding was around $35 when I first looked at it, and time was of the essence.  I didn’t want someone to BIN before me!

I spent $59 on web hosting service via

That was it.  Total cost was $126.  

Now it’s up to me to start monetizing the site and paying me back for the initial investment.  The income potential is infinity so long as I keep the site active.  I’ll have to spend about an hour each night processing orders, I figure.

I hope this post has served you well.  Maybe it has inspired you to consider going into business for yourself with an online platform you can simply buy from someone else!  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  The $126 I’ve spent so far, even if I don’t make a single dollar back, is an investment in my learning.  Gaining skills in WordPress site management, setting prices, customer relations, etc., are the icing on the cake in this new venture of mine.

Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment or question below.  

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