Monday, February 23, 2015

Social Media Marketing Helps Your Business

Starting and running a business is difficult.  I get it.  I’m trying to do it myself.  One of the biggest challenges I’m currently facing is building Common Core Money, LLC’s brand and traffic to the site,  Having Google Analytics provide me with data on the URL has been of vital importance.  I am able to examine the various patterns, sources, and types of traffic, etc., for the site and make business decisions.  For example, should I buy an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) package from one of the many vendors online?  SEO helps you get your content ranked higher on Google.  SEO packages can be upwards of over $1000 a month, and do not guarantee to fulfill your site’s traffic needs indefinitely, unless you work with an SEO company that will set-you up (without additional costs) for the long haul.

It may sound like I disapprove of SEO, but really I don’t.  It is a strategy a business owner can use to get more eyes on their website, leads, and possibly sales.  However, for me, it makes more sense to use SEO not at the beginning of your business’ life, so to speak, but when it is more firmly established.  When you have plenty of content that can be utilized, meaning your blog has multiple posts, your site has video and articles that are live, and so on.  Having plenty of quality content will drive your “organic” traffic nicely and consistently.  SEO can optimize your pageviews then and move these pages to the top of Google search results.

Where and how does Social Media Marketing fit in the life of a business?

The clear-cut answer is that social media should be used especially at the business launch phase.  You have to generate positive momentum for your business as early as possible, to ensure you don’t burn through cash, and have to close down.  Without a successful launch, there is no business.  But social media should also be utilized ongoing.  Social media is sort-of like exercise:  If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.  Like a muscle that atrophies without ongoing weight-bearing exercise, your online presence stales without continual social media updates.  Your business may be getting plenty of foot traffic from being on a popular street corner, and if its economy is entirely local, then you may be okay without social.  Until the foot traffic stops coming in, that is.  Then what?

Social Media, like SEO, can be used to enhance web traffic to fresh, live content from your site.  For example, your site publishes a new blog post, and your content person (that’s you owner, if you don’t have a content manager) sends it out on all of the company’s social media channels, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube (if video), thus driving new visitors and some returning, back to your website.  Social media marketing has more power in my mind.  It has the power to shape what your customer perceives about you or your company.  It’s got branding power!

Why are tech start-ups so heavily invested in social?  Indeed, some companies require their CEO, Founders, etc., to participate in the ongoing branding campaign by Tweeting out or being on a Youtube video, etc.  Wealthfront, Inc., CEO, Adam Nash, is Tweeting about Wealthfront and even his own life, almost every day.  I know because I follow him!  I’m considering investing with Wealthfront someday.  Kevin Conard, Co-Founder, and guest author at CCM Blog and his two Co-Founder counterparts are also on Twitter.  I follow all three and keep up with Blooom this way.  Not to mention, it allows me to look through a window on their activities as businessmen.  Having Social Media accounts for your business is not probably something I have to convince you to do.  You’re smart enough to see the potential impact social media has for your business.

What about buying social media marketing?  How do you feel about that?  Believe it or not, social media marketing is more affordable than SEO.  Packages for social media campaigns can be as little as $50.  Saving money where you can is also of paramount importance for your business.  Social media marketing can replace traditional marketing and save you a ton of money.  Take my Sponsor,  They’ve used Facebook ads and LinkedIn mostly to go viral in California, saving investors from fees in the process.  Can you imagine social media replacing traditional newspaper ads and radio bites?  You don’t have to, it’s real!

This brings me to a special announcement.  Common Core Money, the company, recently purchased the site and service of Boost Social Media at  It is a great synergistic acquisition in that now, in addition to quality and affordable content, CCM can offer business owners social media marketing services.  I can even package content and social media now if I want.  I’m working on it!  The best part of purchasing this site and the affiliated services was how much I learned in the process.  I’ll share it with you on a later post.  Until then!  Be sure to checkout CCM’s newest business branch at  Great domain, huh?

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