Friday, February 20, 2015 Side-Hustle Review

I found another potential side-hustle, y'all.  This one is a little weird, but apparently growing in popularity.  I'm talking about the prospects of getting paid to be someone's friend.  Really!  I'm not kidding.  This day and age there are businesses that involve hiring someone to cuddle with you for an hour.  This woman, Samantha Hess, cuddles people for a living.  Not my cup of tea, but to each their own.

Well, what if you could fill someone's life with some temporary companionship, no strings attached, and no intimacy expected?  The companionship time can be spent doing any number of things. In fact, you'd be paid to do something YOU liked by that someone else because the two of you would be matched based on interests.  At Rentafriend

"It's always good to have a local Friend no matter where you go. Are you moving to a new city, travel for work, or going on vacation? Hire a local Friend to show you around a new town!  Learn the best places for shopping, eating, entertainment, hotels and more."

you get to imagine yourself playing the part of the ringer.  

Or you can be someone's tour guide, their work-out partner, wingman, etc.  There's actually quite a few selections.

I signed-up to be a Friend for hire with ease, using Facebook.  I made sure I looked over their "Safety" measures first, and if you plan on being a Friend for rent, I suggest you do the same.  For example, if you're a straight married male and select straight women as potential buyers of your time, you better have checked with your wife.  Otherwise you'll end-up murdered at home.  Okay, on a serious note, please, please use common sense and limit rather than select all choices.  Ladies, especially you!

For my profile, I checked-off very few choices of activities I am willing to share with strangers, even for $50/hour (my rate).  These were: 1) Email Penpal  2) Personal Advice  3) Coffee House and 4) Business Events.  Things I already do regularly.

So there you have it, yet another way to make a little money or be entertained on someone else's dime.  Have a side-hustle you'd like to recommend to everyone?  Please leave a comment.  Help the cause!  Thanks for reading.

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