Sunday, February 15, 2015

Being In A Magazine Photo Shoot Is Hard Work

I have a new found respect for people in the entertainment and modeling industries.  Being in a photo shoot is no joke.  It is completely exhausting.  Reality TV only somewhat begins to capture what goes on behind the scenes of any type of image production.

Today my family and I got to take part in a photo shoot for a magazine.  I can't quite yet say which magazine hired the crew to come to our home and do this job.  I will in due time.  The crew arrived at my home around 10:00 a.m.  Looking out our living room window I could see they had huddled to discuss the mechanics and details one last time before their leader, the photographer, came knocking at my door.  We had all bathed and gotten casually dressed by this time, realizing what we were wearing would be replaced by wardrobe.  Two young ladies rolled their clothing rack onto our hallway once introductions at the door had concluded.  Rehani and Ajani were still eating breakfast and I'm sure they were in awe at first of what was happening around them.

These people work quickly and in lock-step with each other.  While Jessica was getting her make-up done, I was being told what type of clothes to try on from the rack.  Once she was done and an outfit had been selected for me, I sat on the make-up chair.  The Make-up Artist made me feel very comfortable as she put all sorts of powder and who knows what on my face.  She had done a great job on my wife as well.  Even Ajani got make-up, sitting miraculously still for a few minutes.  Rehani on the other hand was too scared and she was the only one that went au naturale.

The photographer, Scott, wanted us in front of the house, sitting as a family on the lawn.  We had about 100 shots taken there, on top of a blanket.  After about 20 shots Ajani started getting restless.  He'd never been out in the front yard (able to play) so he took to getting up and running away from the frame at every opportunity.  The rest of the crew got in on the parenting action, chasing Ajani and bringing him back over and over.  Poor kid.  After about an hour we had to stop and take a lunch break.

After lunch we continued to shoot in two other spots.  One was at the front of our home, walking along the sidewalk.  Again, Ajani went wild, crying for every little thing.  We had to get out his stroller and sit him down.  Rehani made about 100 different faces throughout the ordeal and not once did she actually smile.  Okay, maybe once or twice.  We tried keeping the kids engaged with toys, books, our iPad and cell phones, food, and even the crew making faces and noises in the foreground.

The last scene was in our backyard near a palm tree.  I think everyone who has ever taken a family portrait will understand how incredibly difficult it is to have everyone look up at the same time.  By this time both Jessica and I were drained.  It was 1:00 p.m. and Scott needed a few more shots.  By God's grace we finished.  It was 1:30 p.m.

The crew was very pleased.  They had finished ahead of schedule, believe it or not.  They thanked us for being so easy to work with and for our hospitality.  We thanked them in return for their patience and fine work.  I can't wait to see the end product.  

Now I'm ready for a nap.  Until next time!  Follow me on Twitter: @COsvaGomez.  

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