Monday, January 26, 2015

Publishing On to Boost Your Personal Brand

What does your personal or business brand stand for?  How can you get additional exposure for yourself or your company, blog, website, etc.?  What are some other ways of generating traffic to your online platform?  These questions will be answered in this post.

You know me by now…always looking to get into something new online to help me achieve my current goals:

1) Promote my authority as a blogger, investor, writer, and entrepreneur.
2) Boost traffic to this money and finance educational blog I've created.
3) Increase my streams of passive income.

And what are your financial independence goals?  Have you laid them out on paper yet?

Publishing Articles Online

There are a slew of sites where you can publish your own niche articles online.  Here is a list of some High Ranking Directories where you can submit:


I took this little blurb from #6's site to show you why doing this task is important for your business, blog, and website:

Welcome to Article - Host
Here you can post your opinion and articles for free!

Publish articles on the Internet - and show anyone what you have to offer
When someone type your name on google he will see your articles and posts.
Publish articles on the Internet - to get links to your site or your blog and improve your position in search engines.


    Publishing on

    I chose to use Ezine because it is a popular directory (current Alexa Global rank of 2,074) and I liked their logo.  Membership is free.  I plan on trying out other directories soon in order to maximize my opportunities for both online publication and directing traffic.

    This guy, Michael, at is one prolific writer.  He's been at it since 2005.  He's earned a "Diamond Level Expert Author" ranking given only to the top 1% out of 40,000 plus authors on the site.  Yikes!  What a stud.  If you hire him, make sure you tell him your homie, C. Osvaldo Gomez, sent ya.  He claims to pay a $50 commission per referred client.  You may want to refer him yourself!

    I just created a profile on the 22nd of this month.  See below:

    What do you know…another banner ad.  Thanks, Mr. Nash!

    I submitted 7 articles from this blog on Ezine, after creating my profile, and today I learned that all 7 were approved for publishing!  I'm new to Ezine so I cannot tell you if this is typical. I have no idea what criteria the good people at Ezine use to consider an article for "publication" on their site.  It doesn't really matter for our purposes.  What matters is that you sit at your computer and write something to compliment whatever it is you're doing to make money!  My 7 articles generated 22 views in the morning, and after just checking it again, I'm at 27 views.  Not too shabby for day one.

    Here's how the articles, once published, look online: Raise-Money-For-Investing-Using-11-Poor-Man-Strategies

    After 10 articles published, your submissions get highly more scrutinized by the reviewers and you earn "badges" for every achievement, including climbing the expert pyramid (Basic, Basic Plus, Platinum, and Diamond).

    Writing content in article format for your enterprise or venture, and submitting on multiple high ranking directories is one Search Engine Optimization strategy you need to utilize!  Most directories are free to use so there is really no downside to doing this, especially if you're writing content already anyway.

    Thanks for Reading!

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