Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Don't Count On The Government To Bring You Back To Prosperity

Yesterday I discussed the topics of self-reliance and parenting: Is-teaching-financial-self-reliance-a-lost-parental-art?  I ended the post like this:

We need more parenting done like Mr. Fagan.  The substance and character of our nation depends on it! 

Lo and behold while roaming for stories to read today on the net I find this one: Government-won't-bring-back-prosperity--here's-what-will

The article is about the lost art of being self-reliant in America.  Watch the video.  Aaron Task, Editor In Chief at Yahoo Finance, interviews author Rick Newman about his latest book, Liberty For All: A Manifesto for Reclaiming Financial & Political Freedom.

The book provides practical advice, so says Mr. Newman, on how to take inventory of the crap you have that you don't really need.  Also, something even more powerful, doing what he terms as a "dependency audit."  What institutions are you dependent on?  Are you relying on credit card companies that treat you more like a number than an actual person so you can keep up your consumption habits?  Are you a dependent of your company, basically one step from being homeless if your boss decides to fire you?

Here's why I agree with Rick.

The Wealth Gap has reached critical mass and there is no turning it back.  Not when the 1% keeps siphoning off the remaining capital that is available to the masses.  Not when these elites control politicians (namely the Republican party) and can decide elections and government policy.

Since we, the masses, do not have the capital to dictate middle-class favorable political outcomes in DC, and since our votes are essentially nullified by the 1%, there's not much for us to control outside of our own behaviors and attitudes.  We cannot leave it to the government to bring us back into prosperity.  It is entirely up to us.

What are you waiting for to start taking control of your buying and spending?  Keep feeling sorry for yourself, complaining about the economy and Obama, and soon enough you will find yourself priced out of America!

Priced out of America?  Yea…like being priced out of the suburbs but instead you'll be immigrating to a third world nation.  Maybe in Mexico you can have a nice home, slick clothing, gourmet food, and the lifestyle you really wanted for yourself, but couldn't achieve here in the U.S.

It can happen.  If the 1% keeps swallowing up the remaining capital in the U.S. not already in their hands what will be left is Matt Damon's Elysium.  A polarized country where only the ultra-wealthy live in the U.S.  They will buy Mexico and tell our children and grandchildren to go live there.

God Save America!  God Save The Middle Class!

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