Saturday, January 3, 2015

BirdDogBot to the Rescue for Real Estate Investors

In July of 2014, Jessica and I attended a North San Diego County Real Estate Investors (NSDREI) association meeting at the El Camino Country Club in Oceanside.  I took copious notes of the evening and wrote a post I shared with you.  See:  Investing-in-your-financial-literacy.  The highlight of the evening was hearing A & E reality TV Star and RE flipping expert, Chris Bedgood (Flipping San Diego).  He outlined several ways an investor can make money in real estate.  Big money, okay money,  some change on the side, whatever your preference.  Chris also described in full detail what it took to be him, i.e, how he works his business.  Suffice it to say, flipping homes did not look like easy work.
Chris (on the right) with his partner.

From the looks of things, it takes great coordination among lenders, contractors, agents, company personnel, and so on.  I recall Chris mentioning that the process gets easier with experience.  However, one image of Chris at work really imprinted in my psyche:  Chris sitting at the computer scouring for deals with a beer close by on his desk.  He mentioned he spent hours on the Internet, looking at all those RE websites: Zillow, MLS (insert a city), you name it.  He mentioned having to look for deals sometimes late night.  Finally, he also stated that he had a team of bird-dogs helping him find great deals because he can't go at it alone.

Bird-dog: Real Estate slang for a prospector who gets paid a commission by their partner (a more seasoned investor) for finding homes that can be flipped.  The bird-dog position in real estate is normally one of an apprentice looking to develop their skills for finding profits in distressed homes.

A couple of days ago I was surfing through some of my favorite investment sites when I came across the website of a company that offers a killer product for real estate investors.  Indeed, Chris Bedgood may already have the software himself.  My buddy, Wes Smith, real estate flipper and creator of Homevesting, may also want to give this resource a look.  I'm talking about BirdDogBot.

Birddogbot is a subscription based software that takes the arduous task of finding leads and minimizes it for good!  It allows investors, their bird-dog associates, whoever, to easily "find, analyze, track, and share," real estate leads.  As a birddogbot subscriber, you will have the power to customize your settings so that the software looks at properties (from its multiple feed listings) the way you want.  The results are given to you in proforma pages so you can check the numbers and size them up with respect to a property's market value.  The site has great videos too.  I am sharing one with you below:

I took this testimonial quote from the home page:

As a new member I am very impressed with BirdDogBot, it has so many tools within the software system at your fingertips for quick reference to find information you need to make a quick and smart decision about any property you want to make an offer on. Also a ton of other tools, a must have for any investor and customer service ROCKS and I mean ROCKS.
Bart Corrie (Fernley, NV)

Of course you know what is next, right?  Yes!  I must make contact with the creator of Birddogbot and see if I can get him to come on CCM blog for all of you to get a better idea of who the man (his name is Kosta) is behind the invention.  Perhaps he will indulge us with a guest Entrepreneurs Inspire! post.

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