Friday, January 23, 2015

5 Reasons Why Your Private Company Needs A Brand Ambassador

There's something to it.  I may not have a bunch of data to share with you, but being a brand advisor and ambassador for has helped Nexregen REIT catch fire with investors.  I've shared with you before how I have been involved with the brand.  See: From Book To Blog To Customer posted on 10/13/14.  One of the most helpful contributions I've made for R-U is helping to expose the brand.  R-U cares about its investors and from the beginning the Founders decided not to throw millions into marketing and advertising.  Facebook ads were used instead.  I supported the brand by blogging for them on this platform as back then they did not have a blog or content writer of their own.  Founder, Howie Makler, was quick to recognize that quality content about the brand was indispensable and since he had a myriad number of tasks of his own, he put me to work.  If you're a small cap private company and don't have "social" going for you, you're basically still in the 20th century.

Here are some numbers for data mindful people who may be reading:

Post: Investing With Rich-Uncles 3/26/2014.  Total Pageviews: 1,347.  This blog's All Time Pageviews as of today: 12,785.  This solitary post represents 10.5% of all of my blog's Pageviews.  And it keeps getting clicks!  If you look at my right sidebar, you can see that two other Rich-Uncles associated posts are in the top four all time.  If you Google: "Rich-Uncles," I'm sure you'll see my blog in the results.  Click on Images while you're at it, and you'll see my mug, smiling next to Founder, Howie Makler.  What it all boils down to is…I'm like a brand champion.  We have famous athletes representing brands like Nike, Gatorade, Under Armour, Papa Johns, etc.  Why can't there be a mini version of this, but instead of private (or even public) labels using famous jocks, use bloggers like me?  If you're a Founder or CEO of a small cap private company, looking to get noticed, here are five reasons why you should consider finding yourself a blogger to champion your brand:

1) Your blog is boring and no one reads it.

2) Your content manager (if you can afford one) is okay, but she or he is restricted by company policy, meaning, they don't have the liberty of "livening" up their blog posts.  In other words, the posts coming out of your blog page are super technical and dry.  Yawn…

3) You are too busy as a Founder or CEO, running the company, to keep your blog current.  This is the 21st Century!  Everyone is on social.  If you create a blog post once a week, this may not be enough exposure for your brand.  You are essentially losing customers to other brands that are in people's face constantly.

4) Your blog is informational and educational only.  Yet, little victories happen for your brand that are not being celebrated publicly.  You got a bigger, nicer main office?  Blog about it!  You raised a little capital?  Blog about it!  You had a successful event for the public?  Blog about it!!!  If you can't, then assign it to your brand champion.

5) You don't have enough social influence or authority.  I let all my followers know when I post via my business Facebook page and my own personal FB page.  Both of these are linked to my Twitter handle so as soon as I post on FB, I'm also tweeting on Twitter.  I mass distribute information on these two social sites and LinkedIn AND Google+.  Do you have multiple social accounts with hundreds, if not thousands of followers?


You are worried that having an unknown element represent your brand could be bad for you.  Then get to know your potential champion.  Shop around, interview, ask for a background check, and educate the potential blogger brand champion about your vision as a company.  Provide writing restrictions, like not using profanities ever on any blog post or insults aimed at people/other rival companies.

You are worried that you will violate some sort of law.  If you have a lawyer or a team of lawyers, consult with them.  Most bloggers have legal disclaimers of their own.  Blogs are so prevalent nowadays, and they may be already covering what comes out of your own media, just not passionately.

You worry about a potential Tiger Woods (marriage incident) moment.  Sure, there could be moments in the brand champion's life that reach the public and the Internet.  I can assure you that most successful bloggers take special care of their lives outside of their blog so that they can safeguard their money maker.

Thanks for Reading!  @COsvaGomez.

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