Monday, November 24, 2014 Makes History In Irvine, CA

Irvine, CA-11/22/14.  When is the last time you witnessed effort and transparency as an investor?  Before yesterday, that question for me would be difficult to answer.  You see, an investor's most challenging scenario is trying to understand an investment.  We are bombarded with plenty of "opportunities" via our networks.  It's never easy to hand someone our money.  And once we do, the panic starts: Did I make the right decision?  Will X follow through and return me my money and profit?  You get the picture.

Yesterday (11/22/2014) many shareholders of Nexregen REIT I, including myself, got a chance to mentally rejoice.  We were at the Atrium Hotel in Irvine, CA and we were in great company...with several prospective investors in attendance, and our three Rich-Uncles: Ray Wirta (Chairman of CBRE Group), Harold Hofer (ROCA LLC, and Howard Makler (CEO Howie's Game Shack, & Excess Space Retail Services).  These three experienced commercial real estate leaders have our money.  After the inaugural Annual Rich-Uncles Investor Meeting concluded, we, the current shareholders, were left with a certain feeling about our money: It could not be in better hands!

Howard Makler holding the investor brochure

The event was set-off to an outstanding start by Mr. Ray Wirta.  For you real estate investor newbies out there, let me share an analogy with you:  Ray Wirta is to commercial real estate what Warren Buffett is to stocks.  A guru you'd pay to sit down with if you wanted to maximize your personal or company's success!  To our surprise there he was front and center, welcoming us and giving us his expert opinion on real estate investing:
Harold Hofer and Howard Makler took to the floor next and gave the captive audience a thorough and well-prepared presentation on the Rich-Uncles investment opportunity.  They were also able to express with genuine transparency, the seemingly indefatigable labor they have performed to lift the company to where it is today.  Here are your highlights, CCM readers!

The key statement of the previous video (in my mind) is when Howie mentioned the words, "invest alongside us."  That's because Ray, Harold, and Howie, all have skin in the game!  In fact, they are the largest individual shareholders, putting their own money up as investors themselves.

Now watch Harold Hofer present the R-U strategy.  Place close attention to what he perceives is his (and his counterparts') number one obligation:

Did you catch it?  It had to do with Nexregen REIT I's leverage profile of 40% to ensure that the bumps along the road, that inevitably take place, do not leave investors bruised!  Rich Uncles = Trusted Stewards.
If you would like to watch more of the R-U inaugural investor meeting, I invite you to go to Common Core Money Channel on YouTube and look for all of the video clips on this A+ investing opportunity.  Now, I'd like to turn the attention over to the prospective investors!

What Did Prospective Investors Have To Say?

During Q & A, a keen investor asked the following question:

"Now that the subscription agreement can be filled out online, how will you safeguard our personal and identifiable information?"

Howard Makler:  "We take cyber security very seriously.  Our database is secured by  We realize we needed to rely on someone who is very large and who can do this far better than we (their tech guys) could ever do.  With Salesforce, we can safely lock it all down."

Another investor, Anthony, made an emphatic statement:

"I've had so many of these stock guys that don't know anything about real estate try to tell me what (real estate) is out there in the (stock) market.  It's refreshing to see that with you three (Ray, Harold, Howard), we investors are actually dealing with experts."

When Q & A was over, and everyone there began networking, I had the privilege of asking one prospective investor to share her thoughts with CCM readers about the overall meeting.  Alicia said,
Dr. Alicia Corulla, Assistant Principal, Garden Grove, CA

"They've sold me.  Personally, I'm into stocks, but what's not to like about a 12% total return, utilizing the re-investment option and with the tax savings inherent in the investment?  And to be able to start with as little as $500, there is no reason not to invest.  All of our colleagues (other educators) can afford to do this."

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With Rich-Uncle, Ray Wirta

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