Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rich-Uncles.com: What This Start-up Crowdfunder is Doing To Innovate Branding

It's been a hell of a ride so far, being both an investor and an advisor to a new brand, the Rich-Uncles.com crowdfunding entity.  If you're a new visitor to CCM blog, rich-uncles.com, is the brand name for the Nexregen REIT I, heaquartered in Newport Beach, CA.  What I've enjoyed the most is being able to contribute in various ways.  I've been asked by Founders and Uncles, Harold and Howie, how to best approach the Latino market.  The brainstorming between us then moved onto how to best reach out to the everyday investor.  I thoroughly enjoyed those discussions, thinking creatively and listening to the thought process of these two very sophisticated businessmen and real estate investors.  When the time came I got involved with sales calls, following up with leads from the prospective investor database.  This was really interesting.  I think people initially believed I was going to come strong with a salespitch or a practiced speech.  For the interested party with "time to talk," the conversation turned out to be more of a financial education session, and I like to think that whether they ultimately invested with R-U or not, these people were better off for talking with me then not having given me the time of day.

With Uncle Harold and Uncle Howie at Howie's Game Shack, Mission Viejo, CA 
Uncle Howie is my mentor.  I've learned from working with him that he is as creative as he is determined.  The work he's put in to re-format the R-U website, a critical platform, has probably gone without due praise, yet he keeps working like an ant on a quest.  In business, and in start-up, there is no time for praise as one move creates a web of needed tasks and responses.  When is the celebration appropriate?  When the venture is over or changed hands, I guess.  If it weren't for Uncle Howie and his brains for innovation, I would not be involved with R-U at all!  Think about this: How many Founders of any company bring on an investor to help expand business?  It's pretty crafty, and what Uncle Howie has done to bring on other investors as stewards of the brand for prospective investors is genius!  Testimonials...so what?  Everyone has people giving testimonials on their websites.  But this format at R-U.com is not the same.  I wholeheartedly believe that investors of R-U feel as refreshed as I do, knowing that they too can be potentially involved in helping to ensure their investment grows organically.

My son Ajani at Uncle Howie's home in Newport Beach, CA
Another Uncle Howie idea that built a bridge between investors and founders was having yours truly provide "Investor Education."  Having a blog is a necessary must for companies who want to have their "customers" feel connected to their product or service.  Unlike many companies who hire someone to run this department, paying them a salary with benefits, etc., Uncle Howie asked me to do it!  Though I am compensated for this service, I make 5X more money working my day job.  For me, the value is in providing more prospective investors with an example of how the company is squeezing out every possible cent of savings for them!  Not for a slew of underlings that add more charges to overhead.  Similarly, the vote of confidence for investors comes in the form of knowing that one of their own is always available to help educate them about their investment.  Again, all the credit for this design goes to Uncle Howie.  You can read about the Rich-Uncles investment opportunity at Carlos' Blog: rich-uncles.com/education/.

Interested in learning more?  The first Annual Rich-Uncles Investor Meeting is happening this coming Saturday, November 22nd in Irvine, CA at the Atrium Hotel from 10:00 a.m. to 12 Noon.

Thanks for reading, amigos!       

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