Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Life of a Network Marketer: Part 2

Murphy's Law states: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  Maybe you've said the epigram out-loud before?  Or you've heard someone else say it.  It's a reference to an "epic fail" moment too unbelievable not to share with someone else.

And so I bring you today, the second installment of...The Life of a Network Marketer, with a little of Murphy's Law looming in the background, photo-bombing this story of one network marketer, my wife, Jessica.  We left Jessica last time (see post The Life of a Network Marketer, part 1, Friday, July 25th, 2014) showcasing the lifeblood of network marketing, the activity known as, "prospecting."  Now we move to an additional and indispensable activity for a network marketer: "Monthly Training and Recognition."

In the world of network marketing, or at least as I, an outsider, have come to understand, a monthly training is much more than the act of getting trained per se, and of hearing a presenter talk well of a person who deserves praise in the case of recognition.  Every time Jessica goes to a Monthly Training and Recognition, it's like I get a brand new wife.  She really is a different person the next day.  I don't get to see her until the next day because by the time she gets home, I'm fast asleep and snoring.  Occasionally she wakes me up with her rustling and insomnia.  She's on a high from what she heard at the event and I can feel her energy even in my dreams!

Here they are...the ladies of Arbonne International, getting their Nation Team Training & Recognition.  Check it out...those three on the right all got flowers for doing something great for themselves and their families.  And the one on the left has got her hand on her chest, probably saying something incredible about the three with the flowers.  The gals in the audience (that's where Jessica is) are getting a healthy dose of inspiration.

As an excellent husband, Jessica only has to remind me she is going to her monthly training about three times before it sinks in and I confirm with her my availability to relieve her from watching our rug rats, Ajani and Rehani.  Like I said, I'm an excellent husband so I gladly accept coming home just a tad bit earlier from the gym after work except....when I get assigned an additional duty after my normal work hours.  Huh?  Yeah, you see, a high school administrator doesn't really have set work hours.   We don't get two 15 minute breaks and a lunch hour.  Lunch?  What's that?  We are management, and it is a tradition of sorts, to work as needed, be available for anything while we are on campus, and be assigned to supervise a bunch of after school events, especially high school administrators.  Suffice it to say, I had to stay until 7:00 pm'ish to assist parents and families with Pre-Registration online in our computer lab.  It's back to school season.  So I told Jessica that she'd need to get our babysitter for a couple of hours as I would not be home in time to see her go to the monthly training.

The training started at 7:00 pm, but Jessica had to leave to pick up a "prospect" she had invited to the event.  Another prospect was supposed to meet her there.  Factor in also the time it takes a lady who takes care of herself (I am watching my words wisely) to "get ready" to go out, and transportation time to the venue.  That would place Jessica starting to get ready at 5 p.m. and leaving the house at 6 p.m.  My tentative arrival time home would have been about 7:30 pm, if all went well for me.

It's 6:40 p.m. and me and my two colleagues in the computer lab are still being inundated with parents coming in for help.  I text Jessica to tell her how I'm fairing.  A few minutes later, Jessica texts me back.    Her two "prospects" have flaked out.  They can no longer make the training.  And you see, this would be a sad story in the past.  Jessica would have been distraught about the cancellations, angry, perhaps even a bit depressed.  All reasonable emotions for someone in her line of work.  This time was different, however.

Jessica took it all in stride.  In fact, it was amusing to her.  She texted me several "ha-has" and a smiley face and said she was going to go to the training anyway.  Not letting things bother you, just plowing ahead and doing the actions you need to do, despite the minor set-back, is the hallmark of a great network marketer.  So if you are thinking of starting your own network marketing business with a company whose consumable products you like, you need to get used to rejection...a lot!  The successful marketers, and I mean the ones who carve out a nice payday each month, have been rejected a million times easily, but they have also been said "yes" to and it's those "yes's" that translate into success eventually.

Can you quickly pack up your kid's diaper and essentials bag, get them ready in a hurry, and take them where you need to go when your babysitter calls in sick?  You can't?  Well that's what Jessica had to do last night.  Adjust.  Do things on the fly.  Will you get all out of whack and just say, "Oh, forget about it!"when Murphy's Law happens?  Then this business is probably not for you.  That's okay...we can't all be superheroes....at least not initially and without some training.

Jessica had no choice but to take Ajani and Rehani with her to the event and I had to also adjust.  Instead of going straight home, I had to drive to where Jessica and the kids were, take the kids from her, swap vehicles, and drive home.  There have been times when I would have reacted, gotten upset at Jessica for "making me" go out of my way on a very long day of work.  I probably would've attempted to convince her not to go, to stay since her "prospects" weren't going with her anyway.  But like Jessica, I too have changed.  I have become Robin, to my Batman partner.  And I prefer this role to an angry and temporarily depressed wife.  My point?  If you are a man and your partner is a network marketer, you have already condemned him/her to fail if you are not 100% in support of everything they need to do to be successful, especially go to their monthly training.

Here's Rehani (with her monkey) in the audience checking things out.

Why go through all of this trouble?  That's what most people would think.  Because there are people who think life can be more than working for "the man" like a slave.  I am one of these people.  My idea of fun is not working 12-14 hour days once or twice a week, and 8-9 on a good day, seeing my kids an average of 12 hours during weekdays.  Just as Jessica endeavors to "retire" herself, as do I with my own pursuits.  So should you!  DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!  Thanks for reading and God bless.

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