Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Being a Professional Isn't Enough

For Educators:

Being a professional, a doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer, etc, is a middle class aspiration.  You will never become wealthy in America working for someone else.  Being a professional should be a means to an end.  A launch pad so to speak.  And what's the end? Retiring comfortably, choosing and not being forced to work beyond a certain age.  Many teachers and other educators consider their careers as the end all be all path to retirement, and make few investment decisions during their formative years.  They rely on their defined benefit pension and years of service credit to carry them once they leave the profession.  This blog will be dedicated to assisting educators and other professionals on how to change their mindset about their earnings potential.  The millionaire mindset is easy to develop and it doesn't take a college degree to embrace the millionaire in you!

For Investors & Entrepreneurs:

I will post tips and investment ideas periodically to assist my peers with becoming financially literate.  I will also provide you with the latest on my own investment ventures to build your own motivation.  Finally, I will be periodically reviewing companies/businesses that cater to investors and entrepreneurs.  My goal with this is to provide my audience with reliable, authentic, and reputable reviews of these companies.  I know that as an investor, it can be a scary thing to navigate the multiple investment opportunities that came our way.  I will do my best to present an unbiased summary of an investment opportunity I come across.  Similarly, as I endeavor to build my brand, I will no doubt come across businesses that assist the individual entrepreneur with particular brand growth services.  Again, I will do my best to evaluate these companies and their services for you.

Please visit this site often and share it with others.  It's time my middle-class professional is time for us to lift ourselves up, out of the monotony of our day jobs, and become the rich people we have always desired to be.

I'm C. Osvaldo Gomez, author, stocks and real estate investor, entrepreneur, the millionaire Assistant Principal.  My e-book: Common Core Money: Financial Literacy for Educators and Other Professionals will be published at for Kindle in early April of 2014.  Look out for it!

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